Thursday, July 09, 2009


The last few weeks have been crazy around here. And today I discovered a small (well, it seems bigger to me) price of that busyness.

Two weeks ago yesterday our van broke down. Then there was PC's party at the park. We would have had to cancel or relocate the party had it not been for some very generous people who helped us get places that week we were without wheels.

One week ago today Sir's computer died and he was thankful for enough online backups that he could continue working from his laptop while the replacement parts were ordered, shipped and finally received as of yesterday. Two days after the computer died, the van was repaired so life began to return to normal.

Now Sir is getting his computer going again and this morning we discovered that pretty much the only thing lost from the whole deal was about 600 pictures - the last pictures that I'd downloaded to the dropbox for him to file away in our archives.

I know it's a small thing, and maybe it's just because I'm pregnant and over-reactive, but losing the video of us telling the kids about the new baby... or the in-progress pictures for one of the hardest birthday cakes I've made yet... the finished product pictures of PC's birthday train cake... the dozens of pictures of Emma's fashion sense - the stuff like that, which just can't be duplicated. Gone. All gone except for the 7 pictures I last posted.

Those are memories and losing the reminders just makes me sad. I want to cry, but I know that in the long run, a month's worth of pictures lost will hardly be noticed five years from now. I need to be thankful that we didn't lose a lot more than 600 pictures, but right now that's a bit of a challenge for me.

Well, I've felt sorry for myself, and gone on about it long enough now. It's time to move on - I need to get busy on the things that are still waiting for my attention. Today Sir is taking me with him up the mountain for a couple days (alone!) for our anniversary and I have a few more things to pack and get done before it will be time to drop the kids off.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

The Source of Money (apparently)

This was our breakfast conversation today while we had sticky cinnamon rolls with leftover birthday cake icing on top. Maybe all the sugar had something to do with the thought processes.

Dolly (to me): Do you have your own computer?
Me: Yes,
Dolly: Did Daddy give it to you?
Me: No, I bought it a long time ago before I married Daddy.
PC (to me): Ooo got money oo buy or combuter?
Me: Um, hm. It was a lot of money at the time.
PC (in a whiny/half crying tone): I want to get money bor a combuter!
Me: Well, crying about it isn't going to get you any, so stop fussing.
Dolly (in a cheerfully, optimistic tone to PC): PC, if you see a girl and you like her, you can marry her.
(as if that is the solution for attaining desired funds)
PC: Hmm.. (then to me)Can I marry ooo?
Me: No, I already married Daddy.
PC: Awww! (then in a more complaining tone) I wanted to marry ooo!
Me: Well, you can't. Besides, you can't marry your mommy.
Dolly (to PC): You can marry Emma. Do you want to marry Emma?
PC: No. I want to marry ooo.
Me: You can't marry her either. You can't marry your sisters.

And then I went out to tell Sir before I forgot any of the wording or tones. When I came back I saw PC hit Dolly with his sippy cup of milk. "Hey!" I started to scold as I walked toward them. "PC just hit me back" Dolly began in explanation "after... I... um... hit... him." I had to dash back into my room before I exploded in laughter. At least she finished truthfully even after she realized she was condemning herself!