Saturday, October 29, 2011


After the kids were finally in bed and the doors were all closed and most of the talking had quieted down, Sir and I retired to the couch. He with his laptop and me with Ricka to nurse. We'd just started to enjoy the peace and quiet when some voices murmured in the boys' room. Then some little feet slapped across the bedroom floor and then the door to the boys' room slowly opened.
"PC! close the door." one of us called out. The only answer was the sound of the little feet making a beeline back to the bottom bunk and the noise of the plastic mattress cover as Butler launched himself back into bed.
"Butler, you stay in bed! Do NOT open your door." Sir reminded. This is when I told Sir that PC probably told Butler to open the door since it opened just after the talking had occurred.
"Mommy....?" This time it was PC.
"PC, come here." Sir called. Almost instantly PC was in the living room - he must have already been on his way out to talk to us.
"Why did you tell Butler to open your bedroom door?" Sir bluffed.
Our guess was confirmed by the shocked 'how did you know?' look on PC's face.
Sir: Why did you tell Butler to open your door?
PC: I donno.
Me: Why did you want the door open?
PC: So I could talk to you.
Sir: Then why didn't you open the door yourself?
PC: Because.
Sir: 'Because' is not an answer.
PC: It was dark in my room.
Me: So, you told Butler to open the door, so you could walk out of your room to talk to us about what?
PC: Mommy, can I change my pajamas? These ones are too hot.
So, he changed out of his pajamas and went to bed and they were quiet after that.
It seemed fitting that Butler was taking orders from PC (prince charming) and opening doors for the higher ranking sibling.