Thursday, April 26, 2012


I need a me to do the dishes,
I need a me to sweep the floors.
And I guess that while she's at it
She should mop them yet some more.

I need a me to fold the laundry
And to put it all away,
I need a me to make the dinners
Each and every single day.

I need a me to take a nap.
To be rested is a way
That I can make the very best
Of 'most any given day.

I need a me to do my hair,
I need a me to pick up toys
Because I really need a me
To hold my girls and boys.

Yet I need a me to tidy up,
And one, the laundry do.
I need a me to match the socks
And one to find the shoes

You see, there is a reason for
The many mes – not few.
It's that when then day is done.
And time for it is through...

I close my eyes and open them
Just in time for me to see
My little ones all growing-
Right up and without me!

It really was just yesterday
Each one of them was born.
And now they're all so big and tall
And soon they'll all be grown!

I want to stop the time right now!
I want today to stay.
I'm afraid of each Tomorrow
That turns to Yesterday.

So I need a me to do my work
While I figure out a way
For Me to spend some special time
With all my kids – and play!

I need a me to photograph
And write the memories down.
I need a me to memorize
And capture every sound.

'Cause when it's all left to wait
To be done by only me,
The precious thing are what are lost-
To sketchy memories.

(composed while doing the dishes tonight)