Monday, July 31, 2006

My Court

This is PC - short for Prince Charming (he's convinced that he's royalty and must be treated as such).
He had a very busy day yesterday. First he had a bath, then we rushed off to meeting, then he got his professional 1 month picture taken. Next he slept through an address on baptism and before he knew it he was baptised (he thought getting his nose pinched was much worse than being dunked in water). - I wonder how much he's paying his social planner???

And this is my very happy musician. I usually call her Dolly, but depending on what she's into or doing it might appear as Baby Doll or something entirely different. She has a 17 month head start on PC and today we went in for her professional 18 month picture. She was a star and got to buy "can-nee" after the session. She's working on her lower eyeteeth right now so she hasn't been that happy recently.

And this is Sir.

About 24 years ago. Don't worry, he still hasn't outgrown his good looks. He's my best friend, but I shouldn't go on too long.... he'll protest about even this much commentary. :)

Little Lambs

Said a precious little laddie
To his father one bright day,
"May I give myself to Jesus
Have him wash my sins away?"
"Oh but you're too little!
Wait until you older grow.
Bigger ones 'tis true, do need Him,
But little ones are safe you know."
Said the father to his laddie
As a storm was coming on,
"Are the sheep all safely sheltered?
Safe within the fold my son?"
"All the big ones are, my Father,
But the lambs, I let them go
For I didn't think it mattered-
Little ones are safe you know."
A poem I ran across and memorized in high school. I don't remember the title or author - the author may have been 'unknown'. As I went to bed last night, it popped into my head and I thought I should share it.

'With Wuvf'

A big sister's kiss.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Web-development pictures

I need these pictures for some mouse-over effects I'm working on.

Another Recruit

I guess I've joined my family of bloggers. I didn't really want to do just that only because I'd rather be 'different', but constantly reading my relatives' blogs made me want to write and I don't have the time to be sending that much e-mail. So, here I am, and now I can post things so I don't have to send my whole address book every time I want to share some new thing.