Thursday, June 17, 2010

Online again!

You wouldn't think two weeks could be so long - until your internet provider cancels your account since they don't provide service to your new neighborhood. We discovered (the day after our actual move) that we 'might have been notified by e-mail' that they cancelled our account when we tried arranging our internet to be set up at the new house ten days before the move. Except, why would someone tell you they might have sent an e-mail to you to the address they just cancelled AFTER they cancelled your account? We're still trying to figure that one out too.

But that's past, and we're finally set up with a provider that does service our area, Sir set up the network here and as of last night I have interent access again after almost 3 weeks without it! I'm still borrowing the kids' computer, since we're STILL waiting for the warranty people to finish fixing mine.

The house is starting to look more like a house and less like a giant cardboard box finally. Tonight I got the dining room looking like a dining room and I love it! I think my favorite room in the house is my laundry room - I have a real laundry room (well, it's also the furnace room) and I can do laundry any day of the week, and any time of the day!!! I love this little house and there's something I love about probably every single room too.

Saturday we got Butler's 6 month pictures taken. The last month has been so crazy and busy that it was almost impossible to get them done any sooner. Sir also set up most of the swing set in the back yard that day which was a relief to me because our kids were having a lot of fun climbing outside the railing of the deck. Now they climb all over the swing set and stay on the right side of the deck railing most of the time. We also got mattresses for the kids that day so they've been off the floor for almost a week now. It's really made a difference in their attitudes now that they're sleeping more comfortably.

My eyes are crossing, my legs are going to sleep, and I have the slightest feeling that I'm a little bit rambling here, so I think I'll end this and the day for now. :)

'good night!