Monday, September 24, 2007

First Days at Home

So far, today has been Emma's first full day at home. We were released from the hospital late yesterday morning, and since Dolly and PC were still with Grandpa and Grandma until bedtime, Sir, Emma and I just napped and rested for the whole afternoon.

Before I go on, let me clear up the name thing. 'Emma' is our new daughter's BLOG NAME. I chose this name by using her initials - M.A. I didn't want to be calling her 'Ma', but realized that if you said the individual letters M...A... fast enough it sounded like 'Emma'. And I thought 'Emma' would be a pretty blog name.

Anyway, Dolly and PC absolutely adore Emma. PC calls her 'my sister' (although it sounds more like 'duday dister')and is just waiting for all the adults to stop watching like hawks so he can really give her a welcoming hug... these 'be gentle' methods are just maddening! After all... she's HIS sister!
Dolly is much more refined and takes being the 'big sister' very seriously. If Emma cries.. then she must want a pacifier and is promptly provided with one by her doting little mother. A wriggle must mean the blankets need adjusting and if the pacifier is rejected - well, the only solution to that is Emma NEEDS to be held and Dolly is ever ready and often volunteering to do the job!

I love to watch the older kids enjoy their new baby sister. It's so neat to see how much they already love her after looking forward to her arrival for so long and only getting to see her really here for such a short while. Emma is in no danger of running short on love!

I need to wrap this up since all three kids are in bed and I'm typing away a very valuable opportunity to get some much needed rest, but there's just one more thing that needs mentioning for now. Grandma C. came over bright and early this morning and stayed until it was almost naptime. She had the older kids just about dressed by the time I got up to find some food to take with my pain medication. And she kept busy feeding and entertaining the older kids in between sorting out my fridge and getting all the dishes done. It was a huge help because I didn't have to worry about preparing and feeding the kids breakfast or lunch and when I needed to go lie down, she was there to keep the kids out of stuff. And she's planning on coming back throughout the week to help me get used to having three little ones to look after! Talk about counting blessings - I have much to be thankful for!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Introducing..... Emma!

Sir and I are happy to announce that our new little daughter arrived safely at 1:02 this morning (Saturday, September 22). She weighed in at a hefty 9 lbs 10 oz, and was 21¾ inches long.

So far there haven't been any complications... everybody's healthy and happy, if somewhat exhausted. I'll be posting a more detailed update as soon as things start to settle into a normal routine!


Safe arrival at 1:02 am.
Everybody's healthy... more details to follow.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Lights... Camera...


They say that you can learn a lot about your baby before it's even born based on how it behaves during the pregnancy. I believe that to be true for the most part. Both Dolly and PC were little acrobats while I carried them, and to this day, they still are. Dolly seemed impulsive - quiet and then suddenly active, whereas PC just kept going... and going... and going - never quite as explosively as his sister, but much more consistently. And they haven't changed.

Dolly is impulsive and gets excited or disappointed at the drop of a hat, where PC seems to think about everything and appears to plan out every detail which he methodically carries out. For example, say each wanted to get up on my bed. This is how it would work: Dolly would get to our very high bed, decide she wanted to get up, suddenly exclaim, "Oh no!!! I can't get up!" cry about it a little, and then start climbing up the footboard until she succeeded in getting onto our bed. PC would take a look at our high bed, leave the room, come back with a little plastic chair, place it beside the bed and proceed to climb onto the bed via the chair.

This baby however, has been much quieter during the pregnancy than the other two. It's also very deliberate. Sometimes I wonder if it will be the dreamer of the family. Lost in it's own little world oblivious to the chaos around. Either that, or it's going to be a little recluse and stubborn to boot. The one kid that misses (by various methods) the dinner call and needs a special invitation to join the family at the supper table! I guess we'll see. Eventually. Whenever it decides to grace us with its presence, that is.

Baby seems very content where it is, not caring whatsoever that it's officially three days past the doctors' estimated due date, and nearly three weeks past mine. Yesterday was my prenatal appointment, and as the doctor had indicated last week, they did try to give the baby a nudge of encouragement. But so far, nothing has happened. This baby could very well wait until next week when they pull out the big guns and actually take a step closer to induction. As I said... we'll see.

Anyway, according to myth... or old wives tales... or whatever else you want to call it, labour can be encouraged by spicy foods. I was reminded of this when Sir specially requested that I make him a favorite snack of his a couple nights ago. So, I thought I'd share it here. After all, it has been a while since I posted any recipes! Since I had just finished my supper, I didn't have very much room for this dish that night and given the amount of indigestion I've suffered recently, I didn't try too hard to make any extra room so I only got a bite or two in before I had to call it quits. Of course, nothing happened labour-wise either... not that I was surprised or anything. It just leaves more for Sir, and he deserves a treat once in a while I think.

Well, I hope those of you who decide to try the recipe, like it. Most of the measurements are estimated because when I make it I just toss a bit of this and a little of that in, until it tastes about right. You can experiment too.

Firecracker Shrimp Appetizer
Serves 3-6
  • 1 bag (about 30 pieces) peeled, raw shrimp
  • 15-20 large or about 30 small scallops (optional)
  • 15-20 fresh sliced mushrooms (optional)
  • Up to ½ cup butter as needed
  • 3-4 cloves garlic - crushed
  • 3-4 tsp lemon juice
  • ½-1 tsp hot chili powder
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 handful of shredded Parmesan cheese

- In a saucepan, cook shrimp (and scallops if desired) until done, draining water occasionally.
- Continue to cook until most of the water evaporates.
- Add (mushrooms if desired,)approximately 1/4 cup of butter and garlic. Saute shortly (or until mushrooms are done.
- Add chili powder (use half and sample - it gets spicier as it cooks), lemon juice and salt (to taste).
- Stir and saute for a short while longer, adding more butter, lemon juice and/or chili powder as needed.
- Remove from heat, garnish with Parmesan cheese and serve with warm crusty bread.

Monday, September 17, 2007

What am I going to do with Three?

This morning my kids woke up at 7. I managed to ignore them until the alarm went off at 7:30. Then I dragged myself out of bed, released them from their room and we all piled on the couch in the living room with pillows and blankets. This is how I finish waking up when I'm not quite ready to start the day. There's no chance of falling asleep because the kids are wiggly and PC spends most of the time climbing up and down off of me (usually taking the most uncomfortable routes). By the time I need to get Sir up to start getting ready for work, I'm pretty much awake. Or at least awake enough to function. And break up fights. And confiscate things my children are not supposed to have. And to wonder if I'll survive the day.

Today I woke Sir up, and started getting his lunch ready. Since I was already there, I worked on the kitchen a bit between breaking up scuffles over toys in the playroom. Finally the lunch was packed and I could escape to my room to get dressed. Except as soon as my bedroom door closes, no matter where my children happen to be, they suddenly need me immediately and start calling, fighting with each other to require a referee, or they instantly appear at my door where they knock and whine until they get some kind of response. Sometimes I wonder if it would be faster to get dressed without closing the door.

As soon as Sir kissed each of us good by and rushed out the door for work, I started breakfast. Food always seems to help fussy kids be just a little less fussy. While the kids ate breakfast I took the opportunity to wash the living room windows. Saturday the Landlord brought over a powerwasher so we could powerwash the slippery outside stairs. While we had the powerwasher, I removed all the window screens and had Sir wash them for me as it would save me the load of energy required to scrub them by hand. Since the screens are all clean and off the windows it gave me a perfect opportunity to wash the windows inside and out (well, as far as I could reach on the outside.)

Anyway, I got half of one of the living room windows cleaned and one screen put back before the kids were done eating and needed to be washed up. I had turned the radio on while I was cleaning the windows and it was still on when I had finished washing the kids up and getting them down from the table. Then I had to make a trip to the bathroom. For once neither of my kids followed me and just when I thought I'd have just a few minutes of peace and quiet, I heard the radio station change and the volume maximize. Of course they hadn't followed me to the bathroom. There was an unguarded radio within reach to investigate. Then I heard the screaming and scolding begin. They weren't just playing with my radio - they were fighting over it. I rushed to the living room just in time to see each of them pull the antennae in an opposite direction and observe that it was bendable - and not really unbendable.

This was a very bad way for the day to start. Sir gave me the radio for my birthday this year because I really wanted one. It was more than just a radio. It was a tape player, and a CD player and it came with a remote so I could adjust the volume or skip CD tracks from anywhere in the house. So, I broke up the fight, and sent the children to their room. Then I turned my computer on and MSNed Sir all my latest woes. He promised to look at my radio when he got home, which cheered me up and I left him to get back to work and went to let the kids out of their room.

But as soon as I opened the nursery door, I wished I hadn't. PC had done a job in his diaper, and then managed to get the diaper off. The room was a disaster. Everything was dirty. The floor, the toddler bed, the walls, the kids... It wasn't even 10 o'clock yet. So, I cleaned up the kids, cleaned up the worst of the room, put my radio safely in my room and returned to my computer to pour out more frustration to Sir. Then I banned the children from the nursery, and got out the cleaning supplies. I vacuumed so I could use the carpet cleaner without collecting hair elastics and toilet paper shreds in the carpet cleaner tank. I scrubbed down the toddler bed and mattress before moving them to the hall. I washed down the walls, moved the bookshelf, cleaned the nursery window - inside and out -, put the screen back, cleaned the carpet and wiped down the lower half of the door on both sides. Then I put all the furniture back where it came from, dressed my children, put some triple antibiotic ointment on Dolly's scrapes, and found a pacifier for PC so I could put him down for his morning nap. An hour late.

Since I didn't feel like hanging out the other half of the living room window to finish cleaning it just then, I decided to take a break and work with Dolly on her schoolwork. It was 11, and PC should sleep for about 2 hours. Dolly did well, and I was able to unwind a little. I even managed to finish the living room window during the recess breaks. When PC woke up at quarter to 1, we called it a day. I don't see the point in trying to keep one kid focused on learning and the other from being a distraction. I knew I should start on lunch, but the kids did seem to be getting along for the time being, so I decided to move the couch away from the wall and vacuum underneath. I moved the couch, and then called the kids to come pick up all the junk that had made its way underneath. We even found the missing library book that had gone overdue and started accruing fines before I noticed and renewed it!

Once the junk was clear, I vacuumed, put the couch back and we had lunch. Of course in the morning's excitement I forgot to put the frozen dinner that I had taken out of the freezer into the crock pot. I discovered it as I made lunch and got it going right away, but it means that supper will be late tonight. Now it's naptime, and I thought I'd have all the windows cleaned by now but I still have four left. I'd wanted to get the house vacuumed too so I could start cleaning the carpet in the hallway this evening, but that hasn't happened yet either. Oh well, at least my Jade plant is still intact. I had moved it to the coffee table so I could work on the living room windows and it's a very favorite thing of PC's to dismember when I'm not looking. I'd been envisioning the next disaster... like the Jade plant being dumped off the coffee table to its death and the living room being scattered with plant and potting soil debris, but thankfully it only took place in my imagination and the poor Jade plant is back in it's relatively safe place.

I should go. My kids need to go to bed so I can become sane again. Somehow we have to survive the evening, and tired, hungry kids are not the way to do that! But I was wondering... if this is what TWO kids can do in a morning.... what am I going to do with THREE?!?

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Flight Fall

Well, by Wednesday afternoon I had a post all ready to publish even if it was a little on the long-winded side and was rather 'depressed' sounding. Ok, 'rather' might not accurately describe it since Sir decided it was too negative to post and strongly suggested I not post it. At least writing it out made me feel better though.

Then that evening we ended up at the hospital.

Ha! Let me guess, your heart rate just doubled in anticipation. But no, we still have just the two children. In fact, the baby seems so comfortable, that I'm guessing it's going to have to be kicked out. At least that's what the Dr. indicated at my appointment yesterday. "If you're still waiting for this little one in a week from now, we'll just have to give it a little nudge. You've done your time and Baby will find a comfortable home OUTSIDE of Mommy's tummy just as easily."

That was encouraging to me because FINALLY there's an end in sight. So unless the baby changes it's mind and decides to come out and see the world - delivering me of being pregnant - I'll definitely be a mom to three in 7 or 8 days from now! Hooray!

But that's not what I was planning to write about tonight.

Wednesday. Sir called from work to make sure I was up from my nap so I could get the kids ready to go to our weekly prayer/reading meeting. Meeting night is usually a rushed evening for us, because there's about a 15 minute window of time between Sir getting home from work and when we need to leave for meeting. It also means that the kids and I have to eat earlier than usual in order to get supper out of the way before we go. This is not the easiest because my kids don't seem hungry enough by the time we eat to act like they have an appetite. Consequently, I spend the meal constantly prompting and directing them to eat their dinner.

Anyway, the kids got to eat until it was time to go, and then I covered their food with plastic wrap, tossed it into the box to go to meeting and scrubbed the kids up while getting their shoes on them. Then we rushed out the door. I carried the box with our bibles and the kids' pajamas in it and had the diaper bag slung over my shoulder, Dolly followed me carrying a Raggedy Ann doll, and Sir was bringing up the rear with PC in one arm and his laptop slung over the other.

When I was nearly halfway down the stairs disaster struck. Dolly, who had only made it to the third step down, suddenly lost her balance and pitched OVER the middle rail landing face down on the concrete nine and a half feet below. I didn't know I could run down the stairs so fast with my hands so full. As I hit the bottom step I dropped everything and rushed to my whimpering/crying daughter's side. At the same time Sir plopped PC back inside the house and closed the door in one move to rush to our aid. I peeled Dolly off the ground and couldn't keep back the little cry that escaped as I saw the blood all over her face. I called up to Sir to get some ice and I picked Dolly up and helped her stand. I asked her to take some steps and still crying, she managed a few before I scooped her up and carried her up the stairs. Her whole body was trembling and her crying just wrenched my heart.

Once upstairs, we put the towel-wrapped ice on her forehead and looked her over for more injuries. I finally dabbed enough blood from her mouth to reassure myself that she still had all of her teeth. She had a big hole inside her bottom lip where her teeth had embedded themselves thus explaining so much blood everywhere. I instructed Dolly to wiggle her fingers one hand at a time. She was able to move the fingers on her left hand, but when it came to her right side, all she could do was raise her arm. She wouldn't even try to move her fingers. So, we decided to take our little girl to the ER. Sir called his parents and asked them to keep PC and then we made our second attempt to get in the van.

After dropping PC off with Grandpa and Grandma, we headed to the hospital. Dolly had slipped into a drowsy kind of state. She was awake, but her eyes would droop often, and although she would answer us when we talked to her, she didn't say very much more than: "I don't want to go to the doctor!" and "I don't hurt." when we'd explain what we were doing and why. Sir dropped us off at the emergency entrance and went to park the car. I took a number and found a seat where I could rock and soothe my frightened and hurting little one. We were number 41 and the triage nurse was working on number 34. When Sir joined us ten minutes later they were working on number 37 and had skipped a number since no one answered when it was called.

Then the neatest thing happened. An EMT started going from patient to patient, starting with number 38, taking vital signs and jotting information down on a piece of paper before giving the paper to the patient and moving on to the next. It made a huge different on how fast people were moving through triage. The triage nurse was working with whoever was number 38 when the EMT got to us. He asked us what had happened as he put an oxygen sensor on Dolly's finger. We told him that she'd fallen about ten feet over the railing on the outside stairs and had landed on concrete. Then he asked us how old Dolly was and said, "I'll be- right- back." He disappeared behind the triage booths and was back in about two minutes saying, "Ok, you guys are next." And just like that we were talking to the triage nurse and five minutes later we were in the pediatric department, Dolly had a temporary splint on her right arm, and the pediatric nurse was carefully looking Dolly over.

Dolly was afraid of all the gadgets like the blood pressure cuff, the oxygen sensor, the stethoscope and thermometer, but soon all there was left to do was wait for the doctor to get to us. He came about 20 minutes later and after a quick look at Dolly, he ordered x-rays. That's when the real wait began. We waited about an hour before finally being sent over to the x-ray department. Then we waited another half hour before it was our turn for x-rays. Sir went in with Dolly when they did the x-rays and it seemed like forever before they came back out to where I was waiting. It was probably closer to 15 or 20 minutes in reality. Then we went back to the pediatric department to wait for the doctor to come back.

It was already around 10 by the time we got back to the pediatric ward. Dolly had snapped out of her drowsy state just before the doctor ordered us for x-rays around 8pm. It was a huge relief to see her acting normal again. But for me, relief came with overwhelming exhaustion and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. The doctor returned around quarter after 10 to tell us that Dolly's head x-rays looked fine, as did the left arm pictures, but she did have a small hairline fracture on her right wrist. He said the bones were perfectly aligned and that since she was so young it wouldn't take very long before she was as good as new. And since that was the case, she didn't need a cast. Instead he'd put a little splint on her arm. That way it could be taken off for baths and when she started getting tired of having it on. The doctor told us she should be just about as good as new in about a week. Then he went and got the stuff he needed for her splint, came back, wrapped her arm up and said we could go home.

After we left the hospital, we grabbed some chicken nuggets from McDonald's for Dolly as a reward for being so brave at the doctor's. Then we swung by Grandpa and Grandma's house to pick PC up. I was so glad that we didn't have to have both kids at the hospital. I was also very glad that we live less than five minutes from Sir's parent's house because it meant we could get to bed sooner.

I had to wake Dolly up every couple of hours during the night because her fall had involved her head, but she knew who she was and who I was each time I disturbed her, which is what they wanted us to monitor. We got a couple pictures of Dolly at the hospital with the cell phone, and then I took some more pictures on the camera yesterday and today, but basically none of them turned out very well.

With the exception of learning to adjust to a tender arm, Dolly is back to her old self, but she still looks awful. I noticed swelling on her face today, but there isn't really anything that can be done about that very easily. And she's not the one complaining about one eye being smaller than the other.

I should go. It's time to put my little ones to bed. PC has been standing at my knee practically begging to be put out of his misery. Hm, I guess I ended up with a long-winded post after all! Oh well, maybe it'll make up for my lack of posting recently!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday School Picnic

Saturday marked the day of the Sunday School Picnic and since we still hadn't gone into labour, there was no reason to miss out on all the fun. It was scheduled to start exactly in the middle of PC's normal morning naptime, and since he didn't settle down and go right to sleep when I put him down, he ended up missing his entire morning nap, but apparently he wasn't too worried.

The picnic started out with foot races beginning with the adults and working all the way down to the 1yr olds. Dolly came in last in her race against the two three year olds, but PC had no trouble winning the race against the other 1 year old (it is true though, that PC has the advantage of six months practice at walking). I got some videos of our kids racing, and Sir was kind enough to fix them up for me so that I could post just the racing part - I doubt anyone wants to get sick watching the sky and trees wave all over the place when I wasn't following the kids properly.

After the races, there were other games including a Scavenger Hunt (which Sir's team won first place), relay races and even a 'fishing' game where the kids got to throw a fishing line over a sheet hung between two trees and reel in a prize that was attached by someone on the other side. Dolly caught a squirting bath toy and PC snagged a cardboard book - exactly the right kind of prize for each of them. There were even a couple kites present and Dolly got to try and fly one (with help of course) which I'm sure was one the highlights of her day.

By the time everyone was tired out from all the games, it was almost time to eat lunch which was barbecued hamburgers and hotdogs, a variety of salads, pork 'n beans, lots of chips, cookies and even juicy watermelon. And there was lots of pop to wash it all down with. Definitely a great meal to replenish all the spent energy!

When lunch was over, everyone gathered around for a hymn sing and an encouraging talk for the little ones about 'light in the dwellings' - God's provisions for his children regardless of the circumstances around. Both of our kids greatly enjoyed the singing, and Sir managed to get a couple videos of them participating which he combined for me to show you here. It was cute to see Dolly listening to Uncle Al during the talk too. She kept responding to him as if she was the only one he was talking to. Precious times that will be treasured for many many years I'm sure.

After the talk people started cleaning up and visiting. Some of the adults were setting up a soccer game and most of the moms were starting to gather their kids for naps or quiet time. Treat bags full of goodies were either handed out or available to take home and Lily and her husband invited everyone interested over to their home for supper. We stayed at the park until quarter to four, which means that both of our kids missed their afternoon nap by nearly two hours. But as soon as we got home the kids and I crashed and slept. I got up at 5:30, and finally woke them up at 7.

Sir ran out and picked up some pizzas so our dinner was pretty easy. Then I gave the kids a bath followed by some fresh fruit as a snack before putting them down for bed. Definitely a fun day and everyone seemed to survive in spite of a messed up nap schedule and a sunburn for PC!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Little Things They Say (2)

Here's the next collection of the little things my kids say and do. It seems that, as Dolly and PC get older, these incidents get a little more complicated and end up taking up more space to record. So this time there's not quite as many entries, but I think they're cute enough to make up for their lack in number! We'll see what I've collected in another four months. It's neat to see how much they change and develop in such short periods.

As I walked from the hall into the kitchen, I noticed PC screaming in protest. Pausing at the playroom door, I saw Dolly vigorously rubbing PC's arm with one of her hands while holding him still with the other. "Dolly, what are you doing to him?" I asked. "I'm giving him lotion." she replied cheerfully. "Well, he doesn't seem to want you to give him lotion. You need to leave him alone for a bit." "Ok," she said cheerfully as she bounced away from PC and toward me. Thinking the problem was over I turned to leave but stopped as Dolly grabbed my hand and started smearing something wet on me. "I'm giving you lotion!" she said very pleased with herself. Wondering where she got something wet from... probably from the toilet or the fishtank I asked, "Where did you get your lotion?" "From my mouth!.... spppffftt!!!" she announce and as she said it, she refilled her hand with saliva since she 'ran out'. We had a little talk about rubbing spit on people.

One morning while Sir was getting ready for work Dolly appeared very interested in his razor and his shaving process. I got to listen in on a little of their conversation:
Sir indicating the razor: What's that called Dolly?
Dolly: A rAe-zer!
Sir: What am I doing?(then catching my eye he mouthed, 'Wow.. I didn't know she knew that... does she know 'shaving' too?' I shrugged)
Dolly: You're using it. (her tone indicated the following thought, 'You're so dumb sometimes, Daddy!')

One morning as I was getting Sir's lunch together before he left for work, Dolly wandered into the kitchen and noticed food. "I'm hun-ga-ree, Mommy!" she announced. "Yes," I said, "we're going to eat breakfast in a minute. "Then I can eat food?" she asked. "Um hm, you can eat food. In a minute." I glanced at her just in time to see her gaze fall on the butter dish. I also saw the gleam that transformed her face as she stated very earnestly, "BU-tter is foOD!"

Getting ready for a bath one night Dolly started quizzing PC, "PC, where is your tongue?" I didn't see him, but I think he probably pointed inside his mouth - it is one of the few pieces of himself that he knows by name. Then I hear Dolly say, "Good! Ok, sphit it out!" When I turned to look, PC was standing in front of her with his tongue dangling out as she instructed.

I'm still not sure what she means, but recently Dolly has been saying, "Hey Mommy! I'm glad for you!" or "You're glad for me". I think she's trying to say 'I love you', but I still have to sort it out.

One morning upon discovering the doughnuts that Sir had picked up after the rest of us were in bed, PC was so excited that he had to get Dolly's attention so they could both work on convincing me that they desperately needed a high sugar breakfast. For the most part his entire vocabulary is pretty much: "Da." Depending on how many times he repeats it... and what tone of voice he uses... and how he points or makes facial expressions, it's all he needs to say. There are a few exceptions like, Car or Gampa (same word for both grandparents) or Bite! But this particular morning he demonstrated yet another word since the doughnuts needed more than just 'da'. He ran to Dolly's room and banged on the door until she woke up and let him in. Then PC did his little pigeon dance (bobbing his head and swaying sideways in excitement) and stated over and over: "NoDuht!" It didn't take Dolly long to understand and since she's known for a larger vocabulary, 'NoDuht' was all PC had to contribute to the convincing committee, leaving Dolly to do the rest.

At the supper table one evening, Dolly and sir were discussing food origins.
Sir (holding up a piece of pork): Where does pork come from Dolly?
Dolly: Pigs!
Sir: Good! What about milk? where does milk come from?
Dolly: Cows.
Sir: Good job.
Dolly: Where does chocolate milk come from Daddy?
Sir: Well, milk comes from cows and chocolate grows on trees.
Me: And you mix it together to get chocolate milk.
(Dolly nods as it all makes sense and then pauses)
Dolly: And juice comes from sheep?
After all... it must come from something and if milk comes from cows.. then it would make perfect sense right?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Waiting Game

Well, there's not much left to do but wait for our new baby to decide to present itself. Officially my due date is still a week and a half away, but tomorrow marks the day I had calculated to be the due date. Actually I had given myself a week long range for a due date and then revised it to the following week when I discovered I was a little off on my calculating dates. So, instead of the Aug 30th to Sep 7th range, my estimate has been Sep 7th to 13th. And tomorrow is the 7th!

As you can see, from the picture above, we finally got a bassinet. With Dolly and PC I borrowed a bassinet for the first two months of their lives, but I finally decided that I'd much rather have my very own bassinet that looked just like I wanted one to look. So Sir and I searched online and found just what I had been imaging and for an excellent price too! The bassinet came with a pink gingham trimming set as well, but I love blue - and blue works for both boys and girls - so we set it up with the blue trimmings. I can't wait to use it. Besides the wheels that make it convenient for moving from room to room, the wheels flip up to create a cradle that can be rocked with just the twist of a little knob.

Of course there's always stuff that still needs to be done, but the hospital bags are packed, Dolly and PC's suitcase and a playpen is ready to go to Grandpa and Grandma's house, I have a birth announcement post ready to go, the laundry is all washed although it's not folded or put away yet (I'm not completely sure why that seems important, but it is), all but four of the house plants have been watered, the house is generally tidy but I need to vacuum it again, and the animals have all been looked after -the birdcages and catbox are clean etc.

So, now we're just down to waiting. I don't feel any different, but Medium our cat seems to think I'm up to something. Lately she's been following me around like I'll disappear if she loses sight of me. She's even hopped into bed with me and it's been years since she thought she needed to share my bed. It's very disconcerting to observe accusing feline eyes boring into you when you really don't feel any different yourself. At least not very much different to be exact.

Well, I should go. I've been working on another post, but at the rate I'm getting anything done on it, I'll go into labour before I get it published. And I wanted to get something posted before our life gets stirred up with the excitement of a new baby!