Saturday, September 23, 2006


My computer just crashed on me and I hadn't had a chance to save the three paragraphs I already started for this post, so I get to start over. Grrrr!

As I was saying.... <saved> If anyone noticed that my last post was exactly a week ago, here is the reason why: Monday and Tuesday we spent in Kelowna visiting Sir's grandparents and fishing (more on that later), Wednesday I did my weekly cleaning, gave the kids baths and got everything ready for meeting, and Thursday and Friday were spent frantically collecting and sorting tons of stuff to sell at the yard sale that we hosted today (more on that later too). <saved again> So, now that I'm completely exhausted I get to look forward to a mysterious getaway that Sir has been planning. It's scheduled for next week which brings me to the point of this post. <saved>!

Since PC was expected to be born right around our 3yr. anniversary and ended up making his arrival just 12 days before, we decided to postpone our celebration until the end of September. Even though it's our anniversary, I'm not actually getting to make any contributions to our getaway plans this year. Sir insisted on planning it all by himself and has been thoroughly enjoying torturing me with clues THAT DON'T MAKE SENSE AT ALL with the previous ones!!!! <saved>

Last night was the last straw when I got my 8th senseless clue. I decided that I definitely had blog-worthy material on my hands. Of course many heads are way better than just one so I will gladly welcome all comments with ideas and possible suggestions as to what my mischievous knight is up to! So.... off to the clues! <saved again just to be safe>

Clue #1.
"It's going to have a Hot Tub" This is a good thing in my mind since the last time we went on a getaway I was pregnant and wasn't able to just roast away in a hot tub. Instead I had to get out for 15 minutes after being in for 10. So I had something nice and relaxing to look forward to.

Clue #2.
"It costs $$$ a night" I won't tell exactly what the amount was, but it's under $150. Now I was thinking... 'wow.. it'll be nicer than the getaway I planned' and started looking forward to a relaxing and comfortable vacation.

Clue #3.
"We have to drop Dolly off no later than 8:30 a.m." Hmmm.. we have to catch a ferry...? or it's quite a ways away so we have to get an early start...? Catch a flight? Who knows... at least his torture was starting to work.. I was getting curious.

Clue #4.
"It'll have two stories - both ours" Now I was really getting curious.. TWO stories??!!! A cottage? House of our own? But with the price... I started to wonder if it wasn't quite as fancy as I had previously been thinking it could be. A rented train car? Why not make a wild guess?!

Clue #5.
"Don't worry, it's stationary - as in 'doesn't move'" Oh. There goes the train ride theory. So much for that. I think that clue shouldn't count as a clue though because it was only in response to my audibly guessing the train car idea.

Clue #6.
"Make sure to bring the Baby Monitor" I knew we'd be taking PC... after all, what good is a getaway if I'd be uncomfortable and have to pump milk as well as worry about both kids, but a baby monitor?? How big is this place? Is the baby going to have his own room?

Clue #7.
"We're going to pack the grill" The grill?? 25 lbs of cast iron? So we're making our own food... okaaay.... there goes the pampered hotel room illusion. Back to square one... I have no idea where we're going.

Clue #8.
"Our host is a Captain and his wife" I'm thinking... A Captain?? as in Sea Captain? or Army Captain? or is the guy's last name Captain? Will we be going on a cruise? Nooo.... that would be more expensive than the $$$ from Clue #2. How about... are we hiring a yacht? probably not... that's probably more expensive and wouldn't have room for a hot tub anyway... What are we doing for this getaway???!!!

So again I'm back to square one.... and we're leaving in less than a week! I'm really going to kick myself when I find out what this vacation includes and when all these clues fall perfectly into place! Aaaggghhh! Oh well, I am enjoying the anticipation even if I don't really want Sir to think that. ;) Have fun detectives!



  1. A captain might be dave z and his wife? maybe you're going up country to the woods and staying in a two story cabin far from any store and you'll be hunting moose for Sir to roast on the grill.

  2. Yikes.... 8:30 am .... I'm sure we didn't know this part!!!

  3. B and b really enjoyed this wonderful clue finding project. b is always surprised at where we end up on our anniversary or birthday. thanx Have you thought about the Oregon coast around Bridgeport? Right on the water??? We have had a few real nice vacations there. the sound of the waves the cool air..Sir is giving B some ideas for next year. At least you get clues. B has 11 months to plan. lots of love
    B and B Broccolli

  4. Clue #9
    " exact size replica with one log added to the height..."

  5. I think its a docked houseboat (made of logs). You'd need a captain for that right? Also a deck for barbequing. Sounds like great fun. Still not sure about the 8:30 am though.