Monday, December 11, 2006

Snowball Syndrome

Everyone's familiar with the 'Snowball Syndrome' or the 'Domino Effect', I'm sure. I am very familiar with it. Especially when it comes to my life. First one thing is happening, then three, then ten, then more than I can keep track of, then way too many, then- well, you get the idea. There are the odd times that I have nothing happening, and then I don't know what to do with myself... Relax? How do you do that again?

When I'm caught up in my life's version of S.S.(snowball syndrome), I have to steal moments like this one. While my toddler is balancing on the edge of her high chair tray instead of eating her breakfast like she should be and my son is doing his utmost to writhe out of the battery operated baby swing he's buckled into, I dash off to my computer to try to squeeze in a quick update for all the people who are certain I've dropped off the face of the earth.
I know I probably should be changing a diaper, or doing dishes, or wiping up a sticky face, or vacuuming, or changing my sewing room back into the dining room, or folding laundry, or watering my parched and dying plants, or a myriad of other things, but my conscience will just not leave me alone. "It's been over two weeks since you posted last"... "Almost half a month".... "What about the three half finished posts?" "you still haven't posted PC's 5 month picture". There's just so much you can ignore. And speaking of ignoring... I must go rescue my son, since I can't ignore his demands to be released from the monster swing any longer!

So, in case anyone was wondering, I am still around, and eventually the snowball will melt again and my life will slow down and I'll do nothing because it will take me that long to realize I'm in a wonderfully, peaceful lull and have time to start new projects or finish old ones, and be able to update my blog with current news!


  1. And all that before 9:30AM? (As your clock shows).

    And everybody who reads this, she is planning a shower for next week while she's packing for a family trip! Superwoman? You vote.

  2. BTW Beautiful irises!

  3. Was just about to e-mail you when I made the horrible discovery...I do not have your address. Anyway, I got the o.k. from your Dad this morning...while in the orient He bought a set of Noritake for me to use. The pattern is Prosperity, a graceful stalk of wheat in gray and black. I'm sure you could find an illustration on Anyway, it is for you. Help me figure out how to get it to the northcountry. I'll pack it up and bring it to Conference if you wish.

  4. For those of you feeling slightly out of touch because you've never heard of the Snowball Syndrome before, it might be some relief to know that the term was invented specifically for the purposes of this post.

    Although why she then started with "Everyone's familiar with... I'm sure", I really have no idea.

    (or.. was this what she was referring to, maybe?)


  5. She must have read "oligarches" and thought it had something to do with "orchids" or something like that. (I think I made a mistake and called these flowers irises.)

  6. Now you know how easy it is to have....The "cares of this world choke out the Word".!