Thursday, July 03, 2008

Summer Vacation - 2008

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Well, we're back at home (as of 11:30 Tuesday night). We were gone for 11 days, 10 nights and traveled somewhere around 1,100 miles. I'll be posting about the trip and I'm sure I should be able to come up with some good pictures since we only took 470 of them while we were gone!

Anyway, I need to go switch the laundry again and I still have kids to feed and unpacking to finish, but at least you know I didn't drop off the end of the earth or something like that.

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  1. So glad to hear from you again. It seems a wonderful trip...did you go by tent?

    I talked with your Mom this morning. Your Dad is very, very tired, has no energy. I wish he could get respiratory therapy. I had a similar situation a year ago in July. I developed pneumonia because of the smoke surrounding us from the brush fires. After one week in the hospital, I spent another 8-10 days in a nursing home where I had breathing treatments twice a day. It seemed to take forever before I could breathe well again. I really felt like an old dishrag for months.

    Please (find a moment) write about your wonderful children, I'd like to get to know Emma a little bit better. Love from your Gramma.