Monday, August 31, 2009

Blueberries and Hymn Sings

After the first few days of our heat wave subsiding, the kids and I went blueberry picking with Grandma C... or Grandma C went blueberry picking with us - either way, we took all the fruit home. The sunshine came back the next day, making the one day we spent hours picking berries out in the open, the only overcast day in more than two weeks. I was thankful because my kids get very fussy when they get hot, and there wasn't any shade in the blueberry fields, really.

Starting out.

"This is how you do it," ~~~~~ "I can't eat them all?"

Lost in thought.

Finding the perfect berry... losing the perfect berry.

All by myself! (sorry Mom, the rest didn't make it into the bucket).

Posing with the end result... or trying to.

My blueberry pickers.

The next day we got our Nexus cards which meant we could cross the border again. The rules had changed and our documents were either invalid, or expired. Having Nexus meant we could start going to the weekly Hymn Sings that Doc and Bashful were hosting at a beach down their way. The first time we went, there was the most beautiful sunset, and tonight was the last planned sing for the summer. Again, we had another beautiful sunset - I didn't take any pictures today... sigh.

Emma telling me about the fire.

Aunt Knittery helping PC roast a marshmallow while Emma argues chats with her cousin about the actual process.

Dolly proudly cooking her very own marshmallow.

Dolly in the sunset.

And that was a lot of pictures for one post. Maybe I should stop here tonight. (After glancing at the clock)... yeah, I should stop here - bedtime was a while ago!


  1. thank you Joy for all those pictures of your kids blueberry picking and the commentary the only thing missing is a picture of you. love you all

  2. Did you hear us motor by the bay? We were out on the water all day with Brooke J and The Mr.'s mom. It was a fun time, but I was sad to miss the last bonfire sing!

  3. look at all them blueberries. that would cost a fortune in a supermarket down here!