Friday, December 04, 2009

Milestones and Miscellaneous

A couple days ago, we dropped Sir off at the skytrain station so he could make up a bit of lost time on his commute. As I was rushing to get one of the younger kids ready to go, Dolly proudly brought me this paper and told me, "Mommy! This says, 'I have a headache.'!" "You have a headache?" I checked with her. "No, we're playing 'hospital' and this is what's wrong with PC." she explained and she was off to play again.

I was very impressed because it was the first time that I'd seen Dolly try to build words. We 'do schoolwork' a few times each week, but I've spent most of the focus for Dolly on reading and have only asked her to try writing a very few letters and numbers so far.

Below is a video of PC and Emma trying out a birthday present he gave to her. You may need to watch it a few times.

"Niryam, I sorry."

And I think we might finally be making progress when it comes to nights with the Butler. He's gone from being up from 1-4am, to having his bedtime snack at 11:30 and sleeping from midnight to 5ish. Some nights he's up at 4, other nights he'll sleep till 6 and every once in a while he'll go from 1am to 8. The biggest change though was yesterday. He spent more time awake during the day for a change! He took naps of course, but he was pretty much on the same schedule as the rest of us (with the exception of having a meal every two hours) which was really nice.

On a random note here are some numbers you might find interesting. Butler's leg from his hip to ankle is 8" long. His feet are 3¾" long - I think I wasn't that far off when I said he had big feet on Day 1. He also does NOT like his feet to be cramped in any way, shape or form. If you offend his feet, he will let you know what he thinks - loud and clear.

26 days old.


  1. That's great that you caught that on video -- too funny! Good thing they don't make those plastic bats very heavy =)

  2. What a fun post, every bit of it! :-) So glad The Butler is sleeping a little better for you!

  3. Good job on the words, Dolly! It's neat to see them trying to form words, even if they do have to translate!
    Whew, glad that the little Butler is making improvements in his sleep habits! That makes a big difference. Now maybe he'll keep at it and you'll start to feel a little more rested? We hope!

  4. Dolly's sentence is so cool, it must be neat to see her learning things like this.

    I can't believe you caught that swing on video, that is great!

    Butler let me know a thing or two about him when I was holding him during prayer meeting the other night. He definitely likes his feet to be free and clear!

  5. Love it all! That video was so awesome, great catch.