Saturday, January 02, 2010

Right over my head.

Dolly: Mama, I know this is a verse, "Ask and it shall be given you."
Me - pausing from putting the other kids to bed: Very good!

(30 seconds later)

Dolly - referring to her afternoon nap: When I asked if I could get up, you said 'No.'
Me - distracted by the bedtime process: That's right - have you said good night to Daddy?

I didn't get it until Sir pointed it out to me later.
Apparently, some things aren't granted.


  1. I got to see, hug and talk to your mom at Uncle Wesley and Aunt Helen's 60th! She told me what Butler's name was - something I've been meaning to email you about and haven't yet. But now, no need! =)

  2. Haha! They put two and two together so fast, don't they?!