Friday, August 13, 2010

After two months...

I finally found my knife block! I found the casserole lid I was looking for too. And the back of my CD player remote.

Now just to find the WD4D, the dry erase markers, the calendar that tracks what day the garbage pick up is and the 3gal gas can.

One ceiling fan is up, the discovery that the electrical here is... is 'unsafe' too strong a word?, and a house routine is slowly taking form!

Now - off for groceries.

We're making progress.


  1. Beautiful photo, where was it taken?

    I am glad to hear things are finally getting back to normal. :) You are such a hard worker Ioi!

  2. I took that picture from the second floor of the Horse Barn on the Ranch before I was married. That's where Sir first held my hand. :)

  3. Oh, lovely home routines... hope they keep on coming.

  4. Oh that's cool Ioi, I love memories of "firsts." Thanks for sharing!

  5. I often wonder what it would be like to be you! You are always so busy and yet, sit down to write some real lovely posts. Very nice picture and I hope you get moved in before the end of the year (I really know what that is like).