Friday, March 25, 2011

The Loyal, the Contrary and the Whimsical

Well, one thing is certain - my children are growing up properly Canadianized. At least when it comes to the national a very popular sport around here. (Apparently, it is La Cross and not Hockey that takes the title of Canada's 'national' sport).

You see, Sir watches some of the NHL games, that the local team plays, on his laptop, and occasionally our little people get to join him on the couch. Usually that's if the evening has progressed in a timely fashion, and there's some time to watch a game after dinner and before bed. The kids rarely get to stay up for a whole game, but they love every minute of what they do get to stay up for. I think it's a combination of special time with Daddy and a genuine love of the game.

Anyway, last night they watched part of the latest game that the Canucks played. By the time all the kids were settled in bed, we'd come to the conclusion that we had three types of hockey fans:
- There's Dolly, who fits squarely into the 'loyal fan' category. She cheers the home team on, and hopes fervently for them to win. Should they happen to lose, she is disappointed, but is sure they'll do better the next time.
- Next there's PC, who falls into the 'contrary fan' category. He cheers for the team playing against the home team. I think he loves the feel of living dangerously (as in sitting amongst loyal fans who vehemently decree that the home team should win). Should the opposing team win, PC parades around like a little peacock with the most contageous grin on his face more so because his sister is unhappy with the result than anything else.
- Finally there's Emma. She falls into the 'whimsical fan' category which means that she cheers for whichever team catches her fancy by the mere sound of their name. Kings vs. Canucks? That's easy - it sounds much better to be a 'king', so she'll be cheering against the local team. Canucks vs. Senators? Since she has no idea what a senator is, she chooses the Canucks.

Last night, Vancouver played the Detroit Red Wings. Dolly rooted for the home team while PC and Emma cheered on the opposition. When PC and Dolly came to say good night to me, Dolly excitedly announced, "Mommy, we got to watch two periods!" "Really?!" I said as I gave her a goodnight hug, "who was winning?" PC, who was standing at my elbow waiting his turn to say goodnight answered, "Nobody!" at the same time that Dolly declared the Canucks to be in the lead. Of course, that had to be clarified, and so we double checked the score just to be sure.


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