Monday, November 28, 2011

I have a new Niece!

Thank you, everyone who prayed for Tina. She could have died. Instead she's back at home now with a brand new baby girl.

Her blood pressure was so high when she reached the university hospital, that they wouldn't do a cesarean unless she was crashing for fear she'd bleed out. So, they induced labour, kept her on meds to lower her BP and after 19 hours, she delivered healthy 4lb, 13oz 35week-er.

Welcome, Ember Brooke! And congratulations,Boots and Tina on your little princess!


  1. Wow, a girl! Congratulations Auntie. We'll be praying for them. I am so glad both mommy and baby girl are okay.

  2. Amazing, a sister for all those boys! I'm so thankful they're both safely home.