Thursday, January 05, 2012

Sailing Along

On a Pepperoni Sea

Today Emma, Butler and I made Egg-Boats. That's what they wanted for lunch, and I figured, 'why not?' we'd spent all morning cleaning sawdust out of the van - it was time to do something fun. Here's the process in pictures.

Child labor - cheaper by the dozen.

Hard at work, peeling eggs.

Notice the eggshell on Emma's lip. She had to get started somewhere.

Being very careful. This was his first time being allowed to peel eggs.

Ready to start building!

Being creative.

Taking care of excess filling.

Ready to sail!

Joining the shipyard.

So good!

We did save a few (eight) for Dolly and PC to have when they got home from school. They each had one and decided to take the rest to school as part of their lunches tomorrow.

The End


  1. I like those! They would be a great addition to an ocean themed birthday party!

  2. What a good idea! They looked like they were having fun and were intensely interested. Aunt Kathy

  3. Joy, this is SO cute! I'm very late with my comment but I've been wanting to tell you for a while how much I love this idea! I might steal it for Alan's b-day party since he LOVES boats. :) You're such a good Mom!

  4. I featured your egg sailboats on my FFF today. :)