Wednesday, February 05, 2014


(A double-yolker!)

This morning after everyone else had rushed out the door to school or work, Butler, Ricka and Hal had fried eggs and sausage patties for breakfast. While they ate, I asked Butler, "So, do you like having chickens?". It was clear by the way he was savoring his breakfast, that he definitely liked having chicken eggs.

"Yeah," he replied, "because now we get lots of eggs and we can have eggs and sausages for breakfast!". Then after another bite and some quick thinking he asked, "Where does sausages come from?". "Pigs." I told him.

He was quite for half a minute or so, then wiped his plate with his toast and exclaimed, "So, if we get some pigs, they will lay sausages?!?" "No," I began, doing my best not to disappoint him, "you have to kill pigs to get their meat which you can use to make sausages from." Apparently, that was acceptable, but he was still trying to work something out.

Then, he had it! "How about we can get pigs so we can have our own sausages?!" Of course that would be the perfect solution, but I had to tell him we wouldn't be ready do that for a long time probably. But, we can still eat eggs for breakfast in the meantime.

(MaranX, Orpington, Sussex, Leghorn)


  1. Cute! I love conversations with little people. Their thinking process is so logical! Seriously.
    a. kathy

  2. I just thought the "if we get pigs, they will lay sausages?" comment was priceless. :) But it's true, seeing who they really are through conversations like this is a real delight!