Friday, January 05, 2007

Winter - Cold

November 30th: Today was the warmest day we've had since Saturday last week. In fact, we've finally hit a high of +2°C (That would be around 35°F for those who don't convert). While on the other side of the country Toronto was enjoying highs of 13°C (55°F), we dropped to lows of -11°C (12°F)! To say the least- It's been cold.

Saturday evening (November 25th) we bought a replacement vehicle for the one I crashed. A RWD minivan. Our first test drive was - in fast falling snow. We got home, parked in the driveway and woke up Sunday morning to at least 8 inches of snow everywhere! Oh yeah, it was still falling. Fast.
Since the stairs outside were buried in snow, we went out through the downstairs suite. We loaded the kids and bible cases into the van, backed out of the driveway and - got stuck in the alley. Of course we didn't have chains. And why ever would we need a snow shovel? - or any shovel for that matter! So, Sir had me open the gate on the back of the van, stand on the bumper and jump for all I was worth while he drove backwards and forwards until the tires caught and we could make progress for a little ways before getting stuck again and starting over. That's how we got out of the alley... and the little side street, and the small street after that. By the time we got to the main street the van would go without me jumping on the bumper. I was glad - It was a lot of hard work!

The snow fell all day long Sunday and most of the night. Monday was clear, but cold and it just kept getting colder. When it did warm up again around Wednesday, it just brought more snow, but that snowfall didn't last quite as long as the first one. It took over a week for all of the snow to melt away, but it was fun while it lasted. The kids and I managed to survive the cold long enough one of the days to sled with Grouchy Girl. First I pulled both Dolly and PC, then Dolly got to pull PC, then GG (our dog)pulled PC for a little while and finally we were cold enough to go back inside!

January 5th: That was six weeks ago, and guess what we saw this morning? Yes, more snow! It was just enough to coat everything white, and by noon it was all gone. Dolly remembered it from before, and upon discovery, shouted at the top of her lungs 'Gog make the sgnow!' again and again as she jumped up and down in excitement on the couch by the living room window.


  1. Adorable pictures. I hadn't heard about your troubles getting stuck. Sounds like a lot of fun lol. We got stuck in our driveway after spending 6 hours on the road, which should have been a 2 hour trip. Oh well, those types of stories make for good blog entries and great photographs!

  2. Its a good thing for the little children, they remind us of the joy of snow. :) Cute pictures

  3. I want a picture of you jumping up and down on the bumper.

  4. Maybe there is a picture of her jumping on the bumper. It's not an uncommmon Canadian practice, you know.
    All kidding aside, I remember seeing snow for the first time and being thrilled by it. Winter with snow is still my favorite season.