Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Heart

My computer says that I wrote this poem late July of last year. Since I was smart enough not to put a date on it, I can't prove otherwise. I had completely forgotten about it and accidentally ran into it just the other night. Like most of them, this poem of mine was quickly jotted down and did need a bit of finishing, but I enjoy finishing them just as much as beginning them!

How True Is The Heart?

Do we show Him how much we love Him?
Do we love Him as much as we should?
Can we ever show in fullness-
His love in the way that we would?

The Saviour who died that we might live,
The One who will always love us still.
Is He the One that we would choose?
Do we daily seek out His will?

The Master of Love, our Lord is He!
The One who will always understand.
Do we allow Him in our lives?
Let Him lead us with His dear hands?

Is He truly the love of our life?
How true! Do we even really care?
Do we ever bring back to mind,
That He, yes He! He will be there?!


  1. hey your china is in the trunk of my car...i brought it back with me from d & l's. you can come over and get it some evening or at mtg on wed.

  2. that's great your poem!
    I ended up here, don't know why
    but it touched my heart and just remembered me I must show Him my love always!
    God Bless!!!

  3. Keep poet-ing! You do a touching and tender verse. Thank you for a sweet meditation.