Monday, February 12, 2007

Our Wedding Program Poem

Yesterday, The Chatty Housewife's mom (well, to be technical, it would be The Mr.'s mom) was up in our area visiting. When I got a chance to say 'Hi' to her, she mentioned my blog and said I should put up more poems. I had completely forgotten about poems, and recently I've been just dragging. Dragging my feet on blogging, dragging myself through a normal day... just dragging. Anyway, the poem idea sounded brilliant and since I've already done all the work of writing them, it would be an easy way to appease my guilty conscience for not posting anything sooner.

I was cleaning the meeting room on Dolly's birthday, which is why I didn't get a birthday post done for her already, and then Sir and I got a very impolite flu bug that gave no consideration for active little people, and then the little people here stopped sleeping at night (not just through the night, but almost not sleeping at all) due to four more teeth for PC and a sinus cold for Dolly (it appears that decongestants actually keep her awake instead of incurring drowsiness).

So, now that I'm starting to feel like myself again, and the worst seems to be over for my nocturnal children (they actually slept through most of last night! Yay!!), and I have a easy idea for a blog post, I guess I'll get on with posting!

I wrote this poem years ago... I guess it was when I first realized that I was in danger of being interested in Sir. It was the one we chose to put on our wedding program and for that I changed the pronouns so it would be 'our' poem instead of just 'my' poem.

What We Would

What we would our life to be
Only our Lord be our guide,
In all that we do, the path that we take,
Regardless of old-nature's pride.

What we would our heart to be
True nearness to our God.
With child-like faith and honest truth
May we know what our Lord would want.

What we would our soul to be
Acceptable to our King.
Fully filled with His pure love
May we His praises sing.

What we would ourselves to be
In life, and heart, and soul
A testimony for all to see,
That God's likeness is our goal!


  1. Welcome back, we missed you... Happy to hear things are getting better around your house. I remember this poem from your wedding. Very nice.

  2. Aww! I am glad the Little People are sleeping again.

    I liked your poem too... keep it up!

  3. I forgot to look at your blog until today. Thanks for listing your poem. I like it. I especially appreciate the desires expressed. Not every bride is thinking along those lines. "Draw me, we will run after thee."
    Chatty's MIL