Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Seven Months Already!

Now that it's about time for me to post the Eight Month Picture, I guess I should finally get around to putting this one up! I took the pictures ages ago, but just never got around to finding Dolly's corresponding one... then of course there was more procrastination due to everybody getting sick or out of sorts and then there were just other things that needed to be posted and couldn't wait for me to get around to this picture.

Just around PC's 7 month birthday, he started getting some more teeth. Only he decided to be a little different than most kids who are just getting their teeth and skipped the top two center teeth in favor of the two that are supposed to touch the two center teeth. So, he looks very snaggletoothed... or if he's grinning just the right way, he does resemble a mini vampire at times. I think he's cute with his weird teeth, but that doesn't mean that they don't work! With the two center bottom teeth, he can get quite a good bite in when he really wants to. He also started standing up with the aid of a stationary device just after he hit seven months. He would get brave and use only one hand at times until he'd lose his balance and fall down.

I think I should stop there because I want to leave the news that relates to him turning 8 months for the 8 month post which should be within the next week if I don't get myself too far behind!


  1. So cute. I remember that dress on Dolly, it seems like that was just yesterday.

    I'll have to check out PC's teeth tonight at prayer meeting, I never noticed the top two before.

  2. Their differences are becoming more and more evident. Each takes after a different side of the family, don't you think?

    I never noticed about his teeth either!

  3. What a pair of cuties. He's all boy and she's such a sweet looking little girl.

  4. I know I already left a comment, but I just wanted to say that the more I look at those photo's, the more PC looks like a giant beside that baby swing. I know it's a doll swing, but it looks pretty real, so PC looks 4 feet tall. :)