Saturday, July 07, 2007


This was one of the two posts I wanted to get to before PC's birthday party, but ran out of time on. Then I put it off a bit longer because I wasn't quite as exhausted as I needed to be for it to be perfectly valid.

The main thing I wanted to get to was just the sudden exhaustion that has decided to be my new best friend. I think a lot of it has to do with the baby recently going through some rather large growth spurts. I was just caught by surprise to be absolutely exhausted barely halfway through a not too busy day.

What inspired me to actually blog about something so boring as being tired, was the wonderful people who have been so much of a help to me recently. If I didn't have friends like Grandma C. and Chasm's Lady, I don't think I would have made it through the week leading up to PC's party. You see, Grandma C. happened to drop by with a car last Friday just after I realized that in all of my birthday shopping I had forgotten (yes, pregnancy brain here) to buy eggs. And birthday cakes don't turn out very well if you don't have eggs to put in them. If Grandma C. hadn't shown up when she did, I would have had to pack both kids up in the stroller and hike up the hill to the little produce store to buy extra-expensive eggs. Thus wasting valuable time as well as extra money. Instead, I got to borrow my mother-in-law's car and drive to her house where I raided her fridge for enough eggs to make my monstrous cake. And she stayed at my house and watched the kids for me so I actually had a few kid-free minutes to enjoy (while I got to drive the standard- yay! :)).

Earlier that week I had planned to go do all the birthday shopping on Tuesday after my maternity appointment (the day after we got back from Walla Walla). Only I had also scheduled a doctor's appointment early in the afternoon for Dolly since she had come up with some weird skin reaction (later we figured out it was hives but still don't know what caused them). My maternity appointment was delayed probably due to a delivery earlier that morning so I didn't get away from the hospital until lunchtime (two and a half hours later). Grandma C. was watching my kids for me so I wouldn't have to keep track of them in a boring hospital waiting room (instead I was actually able to take a nap on the bench for almost an hour) so when I got out of the maternity ward and there wasn't enough time to do all of my shopping before I'd have to take Dolly to her appointment, I decided to just go get the kids and try to squeeze shopping in another day.

Once I got home with the kids I started feeling totally wiped out and since Dolly's hives hadn't been seen since late afternoon the day before, I called the Dr. and made sure it would be ok to cancel Dolly's appointment. It was going to be right in the middle of naptime for us and I really wasn't looking forward to having two grumpy kids to deal with just for a Doctor to say, "Well, I don't see anything now... if they show up again, you can come back. There's nothing we can do about it unless we see something." It was ok to cancel the appointment and as soon as I did that, we ate lunch and went down for naps.

Just as naptime was over, Chasm's Lady called me and invited us over for supper. I was so happy to accept, because I still hadn't made any plans for what I was going to feed my family and I really was too tired to think of anything better than Macaroni and Cheese. After a delicious spaghetti dinner, I mentioned to Sir over my cup of tea that I hadn't done my shopping like I had planned and would need him to take the bus again another day so I would have the car to do my errands. I didn't realize that Chasm's Lady was paying attention so I was surprised when she called me again the next day and offered to babysit my kids for me on Thursday (the day I had asked Sir to let me have the car again). At first I wasn't sure why I'd need her to babysit for me since I hadn't though there was enough time to give someone to consider watching my kids. I had just assumed I'd be dragging them with me to the umpteen million stores I needed to go to. Once Chasm's Lady had explained why I might need babysitting the next day I gladly accepted.

I'm really glad Chasm's Lady called me that Wednesday to arranged babysitting, because when Thursday rolled around I was really exhausted. If I hadn't already set up babysitting for the kids I would have put the shopping off again. Instead I dropped the kids off, and managed to make it to all but one store before I picked them up just before naptime. Chasm's Lady would have watched them longer if I needed her to, but I was too tired to keep going and needed to take a nap as well, so after collecting my kids, we went home and crashed. I went out to the last store that evening after Sir got home. He watched Dolly and I took PC with me so I only had one kid to juggle which was nicer than having to take them both.

But what I can't figure out now is the reason I'm so tired. For the past week I've taken more than a 2 hour nap EVERY day, slept at least 7 hour each night uninterrupted and have accomplished very few projects around the house. It's too late to think about it now though, so I'm going to go to bed. Tomorrow comes early and is always a long day!


  1. What a pretty photo. I have an idea why you're so tired!! Lets see... you're over 7 months pregnant and have 2 small children, not to mention the energy sapping heat we've been having lately. Relax... enjoy the summer and some angoes. :)

  2. Let's see.. there's also the numerous ambitious projects you're in the middle of.. oh, and what time did you put that last post up?

  3. Hey there.
    I'm just over 6 mths pregnant with my 5th. My oldest just turned 13 yesterday (how's THAT for making you feel old and tired? LOL) and my youngest is almost 15 mths. Take comfort in the fact that it's all worth it in the end (you already know that ;-)) and will be over before you know it.

    p.s. I've been getting up around 7-ish in the a.m. and crash out on the couch at 10 a.m.!


  4. Yeah, it's no wonder that you're tired. I would be tired normally if I only slept 7 hours a night! That's a short night for me! You're doing very good for being over 7 months pregnant and having two busy little ones. Plus planning a birthday party! That wipes me out even if I'm not pregnant!