Sunday, August 26, 2007

The 'Magic Daddy Comunicator'

Back on the 14th of this month I started working on a post. Then it started to get really really long, so I decided that since half of it was leading up to what I wanted to say, I could actually post TWO posts... imagine that. But then I needed the perfect picture for the prequel post and it involved entering the nursery and every time I'd remember about taking the picture... well, the nursery would be occupied and I didn't feel like sneaking in just then.

So I procrastinated. And then, there wasn't even time to procrastinate because we were getting ready to host our annual Summer-End Barbecue. But now, the barbecue is over, I finally got the picture I needed and you can read the prequel to the post I started nearly two weeks ago.

Here you go:

"Before I go on, I need to explain the 'Magic Daddy Communicators'. Magic Daddy Communicators are the special name we use when referring to our fancy schmancy baby monitors. We have a regular plug-into-the wall baby monitor set that works just fine and comes with plenty of static if you don't tip the antennae just the right way, but we have boxed them up and replaced them with an expensive DIGITAL version that provides crystal clear transmissions. Among many features, the new set came with a fancy option of 'two-way communication' which means that by pushing a button on a parent unit we can talk to the kids in the nursery.

Of course we call this monitor set the 'Magic Daddy Communicator' because when we first got it, if the children started playing or talking too much instead of going to sleep, Sir would push the button and ask if everyone was being good. For the first couple of weeks, our kids were certain there was some kind of terrifying thing in the corner of their room. It could tell what they were doing, and it would TALK to them! This caused a lot of terror, and wailing, and in general, didn't calm them down a bit, but instead only made them even more awake. After a while, the kids got used to hearing the Voice from the Corner and then recognized Sir. It was Sir who did this since he found so much amusement in the reactions he would get from talking to them.

One day while Sir was at work, I found Dolly carrying one of the parent units around the house all the while talking into it, "Hi Daddy, Are you there Daddy?, Can you hear me Daddy?" She thought it was some special way to talk to Daddy when he wasn't around. After all, he was talking to her when it was bedtime and he wasn't around then.

Anyway, the terror seemed to wear off, and the kids adjusted to hearing us speak to them, and would even respond cheerfully. So eventually, the special feature of two-way communication actually turned out to work the way it was intended. Back to my bedtime story...."

But now, you can wait for me to post the sequel sometime in the next day or two. I think it's been long enough since I posted last and I'll be having this baby pretty soon which will probably put another gap in my posting patterns. And I really do want to get the handful of posts that have been wracking up in my brain over the last two weeks posted BEFORE I go into labour!


  1. Well, I'm anxiously waiting for the rest of your post and news about your baby! :)

  2. Oh funny!

    Joy- I think your writing is great and only getting better and better. You prove "pregnancy brain" wrong!!!

    Thank you for the BBQ, it was great. The food was great, the company was great and even the weather was great (rain on a tarp is one of my favorite sounds!) ;)

  3. That's too funny! I can imagine Dolly walking around with the monitor in her arms wondering why Daddy won't reply. Don't keep us in suspense too long.