Friday, August 31, 2007

A Day With Mr. Monkey

This is where I found my son a few mornings ago when I walked into the kitchen. You can see from his expression that he wasn't quite sure if I was going to be upset with him or not. "Uh... Hi- Mom,..."
But he figured it was all right when he saw I was going to be taking pictures. And just to be safe, he made sure to give me the most charming smile. Not wanting to be left out, Dolly quickly climbed up to join her brother. By then PC was SURE he was going to get away without even the slightest warning as you can see from his triumphant grin.

Just long enough to get my kids dressed and fed, I walked into the dining room to find PC on the table. He is NOT supposed to get on the table, and you can tell that he's pretty certain he's in trouble. "Ooops."
And then he saw the camera. So he attempted another charming smile, but it turned out looking more like a cheesy grin as he tried to cover up his relief.

Less than an hour after the Table Episode, I went in search of my son. It was after all, nearly time for his morning nap. I found him in the bathroom trying to reach the sink from the toilet. He is NOT supposed to climb on the toilet either which is why he appears to be frozen in thought.

Since he didn't get in trouble the last two times I found him somewhere, he decided to just go ahead and finish what he was up to when I walked in. But instead, he slipped and fell off the toilet seat bonking his head on the toilet as he went down. Therefore you do not get to see any charming smiles or cheesy grins. He got patched up and put to bed without further pictures.

After PC woke up from his morning nap, we ate lunch like usual. Evidently he wore his lunch that particular day, and I hadn't gotten around to replacing the shirt that had been discarded before I walked into the playroom to find PC here. At first he was a little surprised that I caught him perched on the playpen, but it didn't take him long to recover and grin absolutely glowing with pride at his achievement.

Because being perched precariously on the playpen next to an open window on the second floor and above a rough wooden toybox isn't exactly the safest place to find your 14 month old, I put the camera down and removed my son. He was not impressed and immediately started his playpen ascent again. I watched while he climbed to just about where he was when I found him before he lost his balance and fell inside the playpen.

He was furious to say the least. I could only laugh, because recently I had been finding him screaming in the playpen and couldn't figure out how he had managed to get into it if he was so helpless when it came to getting out. At least now I knew how it was happening.

Having mercy on my screaming son, I removed him from the playpen and put him back on the floor. Evidently not one to learn too quickly, he started back up the toybox toward the playpen. This time I grabbed the camera again and took pictures of the process.

I even got a shot of him back in the playpen after he lost his balance and fell in again when he tried to turn around to grin at me in triumph. He was not pleased at having me document his embarrassment.

The rest of the day proved uneventful in the climbing department, but less than 24 hours after the Kitchen Climbing Incident my little Monkey Man was at it again.
He'd been awake all of five minutes and from the angelic little face below he was just content to be climbing again. I love this expression.

Of course no sooner did I turn around to find PC at my desk tampering with my computer. This is another thing he is NOT supposed to do.
Thus his startled expression at being found out and his tentative subject change in hopes that I might overlook the offense and possibly grant his request for some gum!


  1. I don't think you have quite enough pictures in this post... couldn't you have added a few more?

  2. What a little acrobat! Looks like he keeps you busy! He has an adorable smile too.

  3. Very cute ... you'll have to watch this one, he is already very adept at getting around his Mom!

  4. Wow - what a climber! He's SO cute! Love all the expressions.

  5. So is Mr. Monkey the new nickname for PC?

  6. You are more than welcome to "claim" it! I rarely post about D, so it doesn't matter to me. It would be a cute n/n for PC too!

  7. Power Lineman, for sure. At least you know he's not afraid of heights.