Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Than Friends

Almost three weeks ago, Bashful handed me a folded piece of paper after prayer meeting. When I opened it I was shocked at the extent of the love my sisters in Christ have for me. To see for yourself, click (here).

In front of me was a month calendar filled out with meals, help, babysitting and laundry volunteered by my friends and family. I mentioned in previous posts that Grandma C. came over to help me adjust to a bigger family the first week of Emma's life, but instead of my help being ended when she had to resume her own life, it went on for the next month!

So far, only half the month has gone by, and people have done even more than they signed up for to help me. I've had supper provided almost every day because when a meal was delivered, often there was enough food for more than one meal. No one has forgotten a day that they signed up to do something for me, and even some who weren't on the calendar at all have called me up and offered food or help.

Lily kept all three of my kids for 3 hours that first week, giving me a chance to do some grocery shopping that I'd been putting off for too long. Then yesterday she called me up and offered to take Dolly and PC for the afternoon so I could get some rest. She even came over and picked them up since Sir had the car. It was such a help! With the older ones gone I could take the baby and just go to bed. I slept for over two hours and didn't have to pop out of bed in an instant to let my kids up from their naps! I felt SO lazy... pampered... rested. It was a wonderful break and it was completely unexpected and very much needed. And that evening, HisLady brought my little ones home along with an already hot supper ready to go on the table!

Grandma C. came over yesterday morning and helped for an hour or so before needing to go. She bathed my kids, did my dishes and insisted I sit down with a cup of tea. Then she made a special trip back to our house just to bring us some soup for lunch! Today, just before I was about to start my last project before our afternoon naps, Mamma Bear called and said she was watching Lily's kids and wanted to know if she could take my older kids for the afternoon! I was even more tired than I was yesterday, but I didn't have the car so I couldn't drop them off. So, she came over and picked them up! She kept them all afternoon so I could get a really good nap and she even fed Dolly and PC supper. As well as providing supper for us tonight as the calendar indicated!

Having the afternoon free that last two days, has been such a help. It's given me a chance to just rest and work on getting better. It really is a blessing to have so many people around so willing to help! I have so much to be thankful for. I'm still wheezing most of the time, coughing a lot, and my airways are still restricted, but the antibiotics are starting to work. I'll be so glad to get over this since it's been the worst lung malady that I've had in more than five years!

Anyway, speaking of getting better... I need to go find another cough drop before I work myself into a coughing fit again. Once I get started it's really hard to stop and I still have a splitting headache from the last coughing fit!


  1. Wow, that's wonderful! I'm so glad you're getting all that help. That'll help you get better much faster, I'm sure.

  2. Yay for friends and family. They all sound quite wonderful! :) Glad you're feeling a bit better and able to get some rest.

  3. To comment on this would be kind of like patting ourselves on the back... so I will refrain, except to say... What a great idea Bashful. :) IOI make sure you take advantage of the help and get lots of rest, don't try to do dishes when you can sleep. Oh and BTW, I wonder if everyone realizes that they can click on "paper" and see the schedule. On my computer, it's hard to see that it's a different colour.