Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane

When I was at the meeting room cleaning yesterday, I decided to go through a box of stuff that was up for grabs. There was an old Bible Story coloring book in there, with a few untouched pictures left in it. The pages were all loose, so I only took the four that I wanted and then got back to work. This morning my kids discovered the coloring pages that I'd brought home, and wanted to color, so I photocopied the fragile originals and gave each kid a copy to color at the coffee table.

Watching them color (and fight over the crayons), whisked me back 20 years to when I was coloring similar pictures....

I remembered Aunt Helen, my Sunday school teacher, pointing at a felt board with a little metal pointer as she taught us the story illustrated upon it and how she let us put the little felt pictures on the felt board when it was time to add them. Then my mind jumped to the end of class where we'd all eagerly wait our turn to receive a Graham cracker and a Dixie cup of milk. Aunt Helen always gave us a Graham cracker and milk after class. She'd bring the milk in a mayonnaise jar and to our (well, at least my) relief, there was always just enough milk to go around. After all, you just can't eat a Graham cracker without milk right? At least when you're between 5 and 10 years old, you can't.

As I carefully arranged my props to photograph, my mind kept churning away, and I remembered that I had some old pictures that would be worth looking through. Sure enough, I found a few pictures and among them was actually a shot of the legendary Graham crackers and Milk - or at least the mayonnaise jar the milk had been in.
Since I took a picture of a bunch of photos, it's definitely not the best quality, but there's a picture that I took of my family and a babysitter when I was 6 years old (left). Uncle Art and some of the kids in the back of his truck one Sunday visiting 'Good Dog' after meeting (center left). I'm guessing that picture was taken about six years later since that's my brother in the left of the picture and he looks about 6 years old there. My mom was pregnant with him in the family shot. That's me in the overalls around 7 or 8 years old (center). Some of the Sunday school kids about when I was 10 years old (center right) - that's my middle sister on the right. And finally, on the far right is Aunt Helen cleaning up the Graham crackers and milk after class.

Here's a closer look at some of them:

(left to right) Joel & Caleb Varney, Valerie R., Abbie C. & Ginny

Aunt Helen, Graham crackers, a Dixie cup and the empty mayonnaise jar.

Well, I need go go. It's taken me all day to get this posted and now it's time to get my kids ready to go to prayer meeting tonight. Sir's on his way home to pick us up and I need to be ready when he gets here!


  1. Your last pic is the best! Good idea to copy the originals.

  2. Their loving personalities show big time. What better way of teaching them but by showing your love for each other. Thanks so much for the pictures. I want to hug them all too!