Friday, February 08, 2008


I'm almost in shock. I got to take at least a 20 minute shower this morning (which means I was able to wash my hair) with the bathroom door closed! Even better, not one single child was banging or screaming at the door, or standing guard on the bath mat supervising my hygienic procedures, the entire time. Talk about LUXURY!

It was so nice, that I was certain I was going to be greeted with disaster upon disaster when I got out, and so I hurried as fast as I could without panicking. I had put Emma down for her morning nap, but she wasn't asleep when I hopped in the shower, so I had visions of her screaming herself hoarse in her room until the other kids came to her rescue, climbing into her crib with her where they'd roll all over her in sympathy - much to her distress. Then when I never heard her crying over the noise of the shower, I was sure that the other kids must be up to something.

Usually I can't even get into the shower without assistance, but this time it was almost like no one even noticed that the bathroom door was closed. Nobody banged on the door, or screamed outside in the hallway. No one even let themselves in so they could stand between the shower curtains and play tag with the water spray. When I still hadn't heard any screams of argument or antagonism, my imagination took off at full speed again.

I could just see my nightstand table being cleared... the chapsticks devoured, water bottle spilt all over and my books scattered with pages torn out. I could picture the stack of miscellaneous keepsake papers on the dining room table that I was sorting to be filed, strewn all over the living room floor and shredded in the process. There was the sky-high pile of dishes on the dishwasher in the kitchen just begging to have some little person pull the spoon out, on which everything was balancing. And of course, there was my desk - with the unguarded computer and piles of paper mixed with all sorts of fun off-limit things just calling the names of my children.

But as I emerged from the bathroom into the silent house, I scanned each room and looked for some distress. To my surprise and near shock, nothing seemed out of place or destroyed, and I found Dolly and PC in the living room chair happily playing together with a few armloads of toys! So, I just had to take a picture and write up a quick post before I got on with the day.


  1. Wow, miracles still happen! =)

  2. That's so nice that you were able to have some free time today. I didn't realize that when we have kids, taking a shower is a luxury. :-) Now I know.

  3. Yay! Cute picture of the kids.

  4. This was a really really really good post. You are a great writer. :) Adorable story and I am so glad you got those photographs!

  5. Can you save all your little notes to have a hard copy for them all to enjoy when they are older? I especially like keeping up to date with all their goings on. I now have that wonderful picture of the five cousins on the wall. Too bad Landen was not there. I just got a calendar from SAJ with the three girl cousins down here. I love you all!!!