Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just another Week - Friday

Got up
Got dressed
Tidied living room
Vacuumed under table
Packed Sir's lunch
Worked on kitchen
Made bed
Dressed and fed kids
Bible reading
Reading cards
Washed kids up
Watered some houseplants
Emptied and refilled dishwasher
Tidied kitchen
Worked on birthday cake design
Fed kids
sorted cake decorations
Washed kids up
Cleaned up dining area
Collected cake materials
Put kids to bed
Wrapped presents
Started baking cakes
Put kids back to bed
Blew balloons
Figured out how to inflate balloon animal balloons
Took cake out to cool
Washed some dishes
Started second cake
Put kids back to bed
Emma woke up
Worked on balloon animals
Took cake out to cool
Trimmed first cake
Found and prepared cake props
Trimmed second cake
Sir called
Put balloon project on hold
Checked diaperbag
Woke kids up
Got them ready to go
Sir got home
Finished getting ready to go
Loaded the van
Headed to the Mr. & Chatty's house
Had supper
Visited/Played games/worked on balloon animals
Put kids to bed
More games/balloon animals/visiting
Collected the kids
Headed for home
Stopped for gas
Got home
Unloaded the van
Put kids to bed
Took out the trash
Sat down to blog
Decided not to stay up and work on the cake and other birthday preparations in favor of going to bed.

Man! This daily journal blogging is time consuming and a little boring. Half the time I can barely remember WHAT events took place let alone in what ORDER they fell in.

Anyway, I'm tired and I'm going to bed.


  1. How do your kids handle these late nights? I assume they are sleeping somewhere in there! Your life sure sounds busy - yikes!

  2. Yeah, her life sounds busy because it Is busy! She's so right, this is "just another week" . . . for some reason her life is always like this, I get tired just watching her! You're amazing, Ioi!

  3. PS that would be Chasm's Lady posting, I hit 'enter' too soon . . .

  4. Our kids are pretty flexable when it come to bedtime. It's very rare for them to be up and ready to go before 7am, and they usually get a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon. I think the siesta nap really makes everything function so much better. Especially if I can grab a nap sometime before the kids wake up from theirs.

  5. What is Blew balloons?