Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Just another Week - Tuesday

7:30 AM
Got up
Dressed Kids
Packed Sir's lunch
Soaked Dogfood
Made Bed
Got dressed
Set out Sir's clothes
Checked diaperbag
Loaded kids into van
Left for Sir's work
Brushed hair
Dropped Sir off at work
Drove through McDonald's
Got to the Shot Clinic
Ate breakfast
Washed kids up
Emma got her shots
Headed home
Got home
Fed birds, cats & dog
Checked the mail
Packed a lunch
Loaded some ride-on toys into the van
Grabbed Silly
Left for the Meeting room
Got to Richmond
Started cleaning
Stopped for lunch
Washed up kids
Got back to cleaning
Stopped to put kids down for naps
Resumed cleaning
Kids woke up from naps
Finished cleaning
Left for home again
Got home
Fed kids dinner
Made treat bags for Emma's party
Washed kids up from dinner
Put kids in pajamas
Tidied playroom and nursery
Caught and put kids to bed
Tidied house
Read a blog
Cleared table
Worked on the kitchen
Sat down to blog


  1. Sounds like you could use a back rub and a long hot bath!

  2. My favourite part was "caught kids" :)