Thursday, December 04, 2008

And how well you know me...

Well, the results are in. Below are the answers to the 20-question pop quiz that was my last post. Out of the people who participated, Sir still knows me best :) (I would say that's a good thing!). But he didn't want a prize from me and the kids, so we're going to be catching up to Grandma C. one of these days! Many thanks to everyone who gave it a shot - it was really fun to read the different answers.

1. My three favorite flowers are? Any kind of Lily, Narcissus tazetta flowers (particularly the Grand Monarque or Grand Primo varieties) and Black Locust tree blossoms. (pictured above, but not in the same order)

2. What is my shoe size? 10 - 10½ narrow

3. What day was I born? Tuesday, February 23rd, 1982

4. I predominately use which hand? Left

5. I have how many siblings? Four

6. My birth order? Firstborn

7. What is my favorite color? Red

8. Favorite kind of music? Classical/Instrumental

9. My favorite verse in the Old Testament? Jeremiah 31:3

10.How many children do I think I want? 9 would be interesting.

11.I have lived in how many houses? 3

12.My birthplace was where? St. Elizabeth Hospital in Red Bluff, California

13.What were my 2 favorite subjects in school? History and Literature

14.How many states and countries have I visited? 16 states (WA, OR, CA, NV, AZ, UT, WY, NE, IA, IL, IN, MI, OH, ND, NJ, HI) and 5 countries (US, Mexico, Canada, Netherlands, Scotland) and as Sir pointed out, 5 Canadian provinces as well (BC, AB, SK, MB, ON).

15.I play which instruments by ear? Piano, Violin, Guitar

16.My 3 favorite orchestra instruments are? Cello, Tuba, Percussion (particularly the Timpani drum and the Chimes)

17.I learned how to use an oven at what age? 16 years. (Unless you count the Dutch Ovens, but I didn't really use those until I was 8 or 9.)

18.What color are my eyes? Predominately blue, but are often combined with green and or gray. It's called 'Albertson Blue'.

19.I have broken how many bones? One arm, a fingertip and at least two toes.

20.What is my middle name? Lisa Marie

And that's that... So, there you have it!


  1. Oh right! I forgot that you went to be nanny in Europe!

  2. That was fun =) I'm glad I asked Chasm a random orchestra instrument you might like, that's why tuba was in there ;) Good job, Grandma C!

  3. Well, you have 9 children now!