Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On the Mend... Soon on Our Way

Yesterday was the beginning of the end of the bug my kids were suffering from. It's such a relief to see them feeling better - even if they're still not 100% yet. I'm just so thankful that I might be able to get something done today!

But now that our road trip is much more of a reality, I have a lot of last minute packing to do. And for my own reference and sense of accomplishment, I'll be adding to and adjusting this list throughout the day as I get things done.

Clean litter box
Pack diaper bag
- camera
- sippy cups
- bibs
- soother
Pack toy bag
Pack first aid kit
- inhaler
- vitamin Cs
- zinc
Pack kids clothes
- diapers
- extra wipes
Pack grown-up clothes
- spare glasses
- books
Put music playlists together
Clean kitchen
Clean bathroom
Charge and pack AA batteries
Make bed
Take naps
Feed and water Birds
Dig out coolers, fill one with snow
Pack food
- make salami rolls
- slice cheese
- muffins
- eggs
- pop
- pepperoni sticks
- crackers
- bagels
- cream cheese
- yogurt cups
- pistachios
Wash and fold booster seats
Take GG to dogsitter's
Shovel sidewalk out front
Shovel driveway
border portfolio
battery charger
put clean laundry away
Pack cosmetic bag
Kids baths
Put kids to bed
Add water to fishtank
Pack project box
- craft scissors
- pencil, sharpener & eraser
Double stroller
Kids' blankets
Travel blankets
Collect and take garbage out
Set up light in birdroom


  1. Ok, I was feeling very grumpy about all I have to accomplish today until I looked at your list! We're praying for safe travels for everyone headed thataway! So glad my verse posting helped you out... there's been so many times I wished I could have referenced something like that! :-)

  2. Whoa. My list today was so short, and I thought it was my longest EVER! Hope you get it all done! You must be one busy girl. Hope the kids are feeling good and you can start your trip. Maybe it was better to get it all out of your system before conference, and not during or after!