Thursday, April 23, 2009

Family Pictures

Maybe I should start with the exciting news that we got a new printer/scanner? I was going to write all about it the night Sir set it all up and I got to scan my own pile of stuff that I've wanted to get scanned for - well, I can't remember how long it's been now. But I got so wrapped up figuring out and playing with my new freedom (a networked machine!) that I never got to the writing part.

A couple months ago, I posted our 2009 family picture... but I had to 'doctor' it because our scanner was broken and left a big black line skewering our heads. Anyway, below is the un-doctored, properly scanned copy as well as the extra pose we got with that picture package.

2009 Family Picture

Extra 2009 pose

Then just for fun, and because they're all scanned now, I thought I'd toss in the rest of our professionally taken family pictures. It's neat to look back occasionally.

Family Picture - 2008
Dolly (almost 3) with a broken arm, Emma (2 months old) and PC (almost 18months)- his shirt turned out a darker green than I'd hoped.

Family Picture - 2007

Family Picture - 2006
Dolly was almost 1 year.


  1. Those smiles just melt my heart and those sparkling eyes show there is mischief lurking around the corner. I'd try to print the works, but my printer makes red a funny pink. I know your family color is true red. Thanks for sharing. Wish I could see you all more often.

  2. Great pics, I love the way you went back through the years.