Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ghost Writer

Once upon a time, I used to blog here. Sometimes it was even fairly regular - occasionally happening two to three times a week. Then I don't know what happened. Life got busier? Probably not, life is always busy around here. My mind went blank? Very likely, I have been known to fall asleep answering questions at the table after lunch.

But what hasn't happened is that I don't want to blog anymore. I really do, but some weeks I never even turn my computer on, and if I do, sometimes its on for a few days before I ever sit down and try to figure out where to begin. E-mail? Oh, you mean people are waiting to hear back from me? Read other blogs? I'm so far behind on my reading list it's like I have a brand new novel waiting for a rainy day and a cozy blanket.

Then there's the 'priority' to do list - like right now I should be making lunch before my kids start tearing each other apart, and I have until tonight to get the suite downstairs empty again so the new tenants downstairs can move in without colliding with all my conference guest paraphernalia. And then there's the sensibility of using a good day of weather to get stuff outside done before it rains again.

So, if we all get caught up on sleep from this past weekend and everyone gets over their colds (we're going through tissues like crazy), perhaps I'll blog again before another month has passed.

And now I'm off to rescue my diaper bag from Emma who has found the zip lock of medicines and is trying to figure out how to take her temperature (in her belly button).


  1. HA HA! Temperature in her belly button, that is too cute.

  2. I know how ya feel! You have your priorities right...your little ones probably need you more than we need to read your blog right now! Nothing like busyness and tiredness to kill inspiration, eh?