Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Camping at Deer Lake

Last week we spent Monday through Saturday camping at Deer Lake. Once we got everything puzzled into the van and ready to go, it was almost nap time. We'd hoped to be on our way sometime during the mid-morning so that we would have a good part of the day at the campground (its a 2+ hour drive), but I wasn't organized enough and we ended up leaving later.

It was hot and the poor kids were packed in like sardines, but thankfully we have AC in the van and the drive was bearable. Because it was late, we had lunch before we left, but poor little Butler missed out on that because I just made a plate of sandwiches and let the kids come and go while I kept packing. He'd missed his morning nursing too and by the time I finally remembered, we had already gotten on our way at last. He fussed for a few minutes and then fell asleep before we had a chance to stop somewhere for me to feed him. We did stop about half an hour from the campsite when Butler woke up and I nursed him while Sir got some bait worms at a gas station.

Packed in

It was 5:30 by the time we reached our campsite and the kids were thrilled to discover Microchip and Lily were already there with their girls. Dolly and PC found every single reason to go join the other girls while Emma and Butler stayed at camp. Once we got unloaded and the tents pitched, we joined Microchip's family for a delicious salmon dinner that Lily had prepared complete with rice and a fresh green salad. After dinner I finished setting up the sleeping stuff and tried making a bit of sense out of the rest of our camping gear.

Helping Daddy pitch the big tent.

Snagle-toothed and proud of himself for sitting in PC's chair

We brought two tents and pitched them both. I figured the kids might like to have a sleep over with their friends in the small one at some point. PC surprised me by claiming the little tent right from the beginning and he slept alone it in for the first three nights. He's always been my most clingy child so I did not expect him to volunteer to sleep in a separate tent from me and I never dreamed he'd be happy to sleep away from me and all by himself!


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