Saturday, July 17, 2010

So much to say....

Sir spent all evening and quite a bit of Thursday night setting my computer up for me. And yesterday was my first full day with my computer back - for real! And it works - it really does! Sitting on the floor at the kids' computer is no more!

Today I spent packing for our camping trip next week and trying to make a little more sense of the house regarding unpacking from the move. The kids are beyond excited about camping this time. I think they might remember a bit from our last camping trip or maybe they're just older and can understand more. It will be Butler's first camping trip and he's already 8 months old!

Now that my photo editor is re-installed, I can post pictures again... and there are so many pictures to post and write about. I should have plenty of material to last the rest of the year! But for now, I'm going to bed.


  1. So.... it works? IT WORKS? It really does?! You left us all hanging! ;)

    Have fun camping! I will really be missing out! I love camping. The Mr. and I have been doing a bit of boat camping recently. Any kind of camping is up my alley!

  2. It works. I edited this post to make that bit of info more clear. Thanks Chatty!

  3. Well, with the "you left us all hanging" comment I was referring to the fun way you ended the post before this one:

    "Dare I hope it's actually repaired? For real this time? Now I'll go open the box and see what I can find."

    I am so excited for you. :) I am so dependent on this computer!