Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Dust is Settling

It's been a long time since I posted here. A lot has been going on around our house. Some of it good, some not so good, some exciting, some busy, some satisfying and some sad. But I'm ready to write again.

Now just where to start?! Three weeks ago, Emma turned 3 and I have yet to get her pictures even scheduled to be taken. We finally got couches after using lawn chairs in our living room for the past 10 months. One of the birds died leaving a lone survivor out of the original 5 I brought to Canada. We're all getting used to Dolly's school schedule - it's starting to look like the people are more in control now instead of the schedule. PC, Emma and I have discovered the value days at the indoor pool - at the rate PC is taking to the water he'll be swimming by himself by the end of the year. Autumn is here in all it's color and crispness. The last of the unpacking is coming along enough that it's starting to feel like home here and I now know where more thing are than not for a change. The cat had kittens. We went to the zoo and I didn't take a single picture - even though we bought extra camera batteries specifically for that trip (at the zoo store - aka outrageously priced). Sir fixed the driver's window on the van. We discovered that our crib that's been in constant use for the last 5½ years had been recalled - so Butler has been sleeping in the pack 'n play for the last two weeks. PC has graduated out of training wheels on his bike and Emma got a bike with training wheels for her birthday, so when Dolly's in school, the rest of us have cruised the local parks a number of times.

But, while we've definitely been busy, I'm finding myself feeling more in control of the chaos now than subject to it - which was more the case not so long ago. And getting one's footing is always a good feeling - even if it is in spite of exhaustion.

And now, I'll go start the stove fire to take the afternoon chill away while I get dinner going.


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