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The Little Things They Say (5) - Quotes from 2008/2009

Sometimes it's time to stop collecting all the little things the kids say and actually post them. Actually, when I went to do that, the post was so huge, I took out half of it for another post. It's still pretty big, but this is what I had unposted from 2008 and 2009.

(June of 2008 - Dolly, PC and Emma with Grandma and Tina's boys.)

From at least July of 2008:

- We pulled into a parking spot at Michael's and Dolly piped up, "I don't have my shoes on!".
Me: "Why did you take your shoes off, Dolly?"
Dolly: "Because my feet needed fresh air!"

- Right after we drove out of a McDonald's drive through where the only thing purchased was an ice cream for me, Dolly said, "Mommy, can I have a bite of your ice cream?" Sir was surprised that she had even seen what we ordered. I gave her a bite and upon retrieving my spoon again we heard very clearly and wistfully from the back seat, "I wish I had my own."

- Dolly came into my room while I was making my bed and said, "Nobody came to PC's birthday party." "That's because we haven't had it yet." I replied. Then with much implication that the day in question was very near at hand she announced, "My birthday is not in January now."

"I didn't make this mess." Dolly explained tracing the arc of food crumbs on the table that matched her reach. "PC made a mess all the way over here." Uh huh, Right.

- After seeing a wedding picture on Sir's computer screen saver Dolly asked, "Is that when you got married?" "Um hm." Sir replied. After thinking about it for a few seconds, she summarized, "You married Mommy - and she married you back! Right?"

Spring/Summer - 2009:

(March of 2009 - Dolly, PC and Emma with all the cousins on Sir's side.)

- At the breakfast table bible reading when it was time to pray.
Dolly: "...And please take care of Daddy so it's not noisy at his work..."
PC: "...Please help us with our verses. Please help Mommy and me go shopping..."
Emma: "...Thank you for PC. And saying our verse..."

July - 2009:

(July of 2009 - PC and Emma at the park.)

- I carried a load of stuff up the outside stairs, but my hands were too full to open the door. The kids were playing in the kitchen and I know they saw me walk by the open window, so I knocked on the door with my foot. No answer. I knocked again, but still no on opened the door. "Dolly," I said through the window screen, "can you open the door please?" She ran the three strides to the door and laughing an embarrased little laugh as she opened the door for me, she said, "Ha! I thought you were the Judgement!"

- We were going to Chasm and HisLady's house for dinner one evening and when we reached their driveway we discovered it was already full of cars, so we kept on driving in order to circle around and park in one of the visitor spots. As we drove past their house Dolly announced, "You missed!"

August - 2009:

(August of 2009 - First family outing via Transit. Waiting for the bus with Daddy!)

- PC was camping out in the bathroom on business one day when I called him. He protested that he couldn't come because he was going potty. "Ok," I conceeded, but hurry up." "K," he replied "but it's gonna be a couple whiles."

November - 2009:

(November of 2009 - Meeting Butler for the first time.) ...And... (Still November of 2009 - Four kids on the couch!)

- Dolly brought me a stuffed toy lion with hair accessories all over it's mane. "Mommy, this lion is a girl." she explained, "I named her Sprinkle-Smartie-Flower!"

December - 2009:

(December of 2009 - The older three and the Water Fountains with Lights at the Bloedel Floral Conservatory)

- PC, calling into a play phone: "Hello? Hi, Mom?"
Dolly, from the next room: "Hi!"
PC: "Can you get me a present for my birthday? Can you get me a boat? That will be my present."
Dolly: "Ok, Goodbye!"
PC: Hello? Hi Love,"
Dolly: "Hello,"
PC: "Oh, and I need a DRUM. That can be my present too, ok? Ok! Good bye - Bye Love."
Dolly, (hanging up): "Bye."
PC, dialing: "beep beep beep..."
Dolly: "I'm not answering the phone."
PC 'redials' until she finally picks up: Grandma! And I want you to get my cars ok?"
Dolly: Ok, bye Love - Sir."


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