Friday, January 04, 2013

The Little Things They Say (6) - Quotes from 2010/2012

And these are the rest of the quotes that would have made it into my last 'things they say' post if it hadn't already been too long. With the exception of the last two, they're all from 2010.

January - 2010:

(January of 2010 - Emma and Dolly Matching. These dresses fit Emma and Ricka now.)

- On the way home from meeting, I overheard the kids discussing the story of the gingerbread man. Emma demonstrated by saying in a sing-songy voice, "You can't get me! I'm ah jimama-ma-man!"

Summer of 2010:

(July of 2010 - PC and Butler at Deer Lake)

- PC: Mommy, I need to take a bath! I'm nice and dirty EVERYWHERE!

- As Emma walked by and a distinct odor followed I asked: Emma, do you stink?
Emma: Maybe,.
Me: Emma! Do you stink? Yes, or no!
Emma: Maybe.
Me: Do you have a poopy diaper?
Emma: Yes. I telled the truth!

(Still July of 2010 - Dolly and Emma at Granny's b-day party)

- "Emma!!!" Dolly screamed as Emma ran away with one of Dolly's bracelets, "Give that back! You're a PIRATE!!!!"

November 2012:

(November of 2012 - Emma, Dolly, PC, Butler and Ricka posing with our first completed 1000 piece family jigsaw puzzle.)

- At Sunday School in the front row: The children were asked if they had a hymn they'd like to sing. Butler raised his hand and was called on. "Butler! what song would you like to sing?" Beaming from ear to ear and in a loud clear 3yr old's voice Butler answered, "Taco bells - how they ring!"

December 2012:

(December of 2012 - Butler giving GG, our very old dog, a big hug.)

- Emma was given a 40 piece jigsaw puzzle for her 5th birthday. It was a picture of the nursery song 'Mary had a Little Lamb'. Butler loves to do puzzles, and whenever he gets the chance to do Emma's puzzle (usually when she's at school) he tells me how much he likes the 'Mary-Hannah Little Lamb' puzzle.

- On the way home one Sunday evening, the kids were talking about their Sunday school classes and what the others were learning in their classes. Somehow the subject of the Exodus came up and they answered various questions Sir and I quizzed them on about it. When we got to the part where the Red Sea was parted, PC asked, "Daddy, is the Red Sea still there?" "Yes, it's still there. It's a long ways away from here, but you could go to that part of the world and see it." Sir answered. "Will it go apart if you whack it?" PC seriously continued. With remarkably controlled composure, Sir answered, "No, probably not." before we moved on to whether or not whacking was actually involved at that particular time.


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