Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Those Pictures I Mentioned...

A Tulip!
Yesterday and the day before and today were all absolutely gorgeous, sunny, warm almost-like-summer days. We've had the kiddie pools outside and the ceiling fans inside in just about constant use. This picture though, was taken during a brief sunny break in what seemed to be an unending stretch of wet. That day Butler, Ricka and I discovered our very own tulip flower in the front yard. I think it was a volunteer from one of the neighbors since I've seen two or three lovely tulip gardens on our street.

Ricka has decided she's too big for her crib. Nearly every night I find her somewhere in Dolly's bed, often sprawled across Dolly somehow. She has also decided she's too big for diapers. So she switches them out for a pair of her older sisters' underwear. Sometimes I notice. Often I do not because she's smart enough to cover the evidence (the underwear) with her own clothes again. So now I've taken to checking all of her layers multiple times throughout the day. I will be glad when we're both ready to potty train her.

That same night that I took pictures of Ricka in Dolly's bed? Well, I peeked on the top bunk and found this. Earlier in the day Emma had been telling me how she needed sunglasses because they 'protect your eyes'. I um hummed, and we both went on with our next thing to do. What the camera didn't catch very well was all the rest of the stuff this little pack rat saves IN HER BED. Like the puddle boots (rain boots), the school uniform, cowboy boots, spare pajamas, notepads, pens, stickers, lotion, germ killer, play outfits and coloring books.

Bus Anyone?
A couple of weeks ago, we found a bigger van. We've been looking for one since February, but they're not so popular anymore apparently. We were really looking for the old 12 passengers kind, but those are even more hard to find. This one is a 15 passenger, but for it's age it's mileage and engine quality were really good. We're planning on taking the last bench seat out to make a bit of cargo space, and that will still leave us three benches to fit 6 kids onto. As soon as we sell our current van, we'll switch over to the big van. The kids are all excited about that happening, because then we can have sleepovers again!

And finally, the pictures that prompted these last two posts... The smiles I was talking about. Butler was holding our little guy and I was able to get a handful of pictures in the various stages of a full smile/grin.

This picture was my favorite and it's what's basically gotten the worst of the cobwebs swept away when it comes to my blogging again. I think I'll call him 'Hal' around here. If something better comes up, I might switch, but so far, I like the sound of it.

But right now, I'm going to bed before I fall asleep on my desk. Good night.

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  1. What a cutie! I love his smile! That is sooo Miriam - the sunglasses. What will she do when the sun shines? And that van is huge! You could take everyone on a picnic! a. Kathy