Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What do YOU keep in your Pockets?

"I spy a gas cap that is black... Two sets of keys and one gray sock."

After we drove Sir to work this morning afternoon, I stopped to get something for the kids to eat before we headed home. I didn't want them falling asleep without eating lunch, and long car rides tend to lull children to sleep. Especially, when it's close to sleep times.

So, we piled out of the car and I noticed that Ricka's hair elastic was on the floor with her socks and shoes. I put the elastic in my pocket, put her socks and shoes on her feet and took the three littles inside. Once we were settled at a table, I reached into my jacket pocket to get the elastic so I could fix Ricka's hair. Except, I couldn't find it. Finally after fishing around in my pockets with no success, I emptied all of the contents onto the table and found all sorts of stuff. Here's the complete list:

  • one gas cap (I've been looking for that for two weeks now)
  • two sets of van keys - from swapping van seats this morning.
  • two soothers/pacifiers/whatever you call them to calm your infant
  • my cell phone
  • a noteworthy wad of crumpled tissues - you'd think I had kids or something.
  • one dime
  • a mis-matched sock (I found that in the door of the van beside Ricka's seat when I cleaned it out yesterday)
  • a hair clip
  • a broken plastic knife Butler was using on play dough a few days ago.
  • half package of Hall's cough drops
  • one McDonald's salt packet
  • Emma's blue rubber flower ring
  • and the hair elastic I was looking for.

    And now it's time to go swap the van seats again before we have to go pick the other kids up.


    1. Liked this post lol! I don't keep anything in my pockets on a regular basis. The most likely thing that occasionally might be found in my pocket is a binky I am trying to hide from a certian toddler. Or chapstick.

    2. No pockets today but usually I have a bead or two and a dime!