Sunday, October 01, 2006

DoBug and the Slippers 'n Socks

This is DoBug, one of my best friends, (holding Dolly) a little more than a year ago. Almost a month ago, we got a package from DoBug with these little slippers and socks in it.
Dolly fell in love with the slippers immediately which was a good thing since the slippers were for her and the socks were for PC. The best part is, both items were a perfect fit! I tried to get some pictures of Dolly while she was lying on her back with her slippered feet in her face where she could examine the 'kitties' without taking the slippers off, but she noticed the camera and wouldn't cooperate. So, this is what we ended up with instead.


  1. Hi Joy, Uncle Tom here. I'm in Omaha NE on a month training. I'm not driving truck anymore. I will be working at one of Werner's terminals in Fontana CA when I get back to So Calif next week Lord willing.
    I saw you didn't have any comments so I had to let you know someone was reading your blog. Looks like your little ones' will have warm feet this winter!
    Aren't bloggs great!

  2. Cute, cute, cute. I love the animal slippers and the socks for PC look like a pattern I have so if you're interested...knitting nite is coming up! Your dolly is sure a ham lying on the floor like that. Or was that a statement?

  3. Glad they got there and fit! They sure were fun to make :-)