Saturday, October 14, 2006

Pop Up Pictures

You may have noticed the new pop-up images when you move your mouse over the links on the left of the page. There are a lot of benefits being married to a talented programmer. Yes, I know I'm biased... but I'm supposed to be, right? Right!

Anyway, as I was saying... I selected pictures from my collections or what I could get off the internet. There may be better pictures available though, and if you'd rather have yours changed, just let me know. If possible, please also provide me with a photo that you'd like to have us put up instead.

As for the picture selection... if you are older than my generation I want to post a current photo of you... or at least one taken within the last 5 years. If you are of my generation or younger... then a childhood picture is what I'm aiming for.

Finally, please read the note from my knight below... he's still working on the pop up pictures for me, and would like to have as much helpful feedback as possible.

A note from the programmer:

I developed this popup system from scratch, so it hasn't has a chance yet to be fully tested in all web browsers. If you want to help, take a look at the below description of what it's supposed to do, and then leave a comment reporting whether or not it works properly on your computer.

So far, I've successfully tested or heard reports of it working with the following operating systems/web browser combinations:
  • WinXP / IE6
  • WinXP / Firefox
Basic Functionality
  • A picture should fade in smoothly when you move the mouse over each of the links.
  • The picture should smoothly fade back out when the mouse leaves the link.
  • The picture should hover above the mouse pointer.
  • As the mouse moves, the picture should smoothly/gradually follow the pointer.
Advanced Testing
  • If you scroll partially down the page and try again, the picture should still appear in the correct location.
  • If the page has not finished loading and you move your mouse over a link, nothing should appear until the picture has finished loading in the background, at which time it should automatically fade in smoothly.


  1. I think its cool! Very nice job. The perks of being married to a computer wiz!

  2. I have WinXP, and my internet is through Microsoft.

  3. Doesn't work for me. But then I'm that 2% who have a mac and use Safari. :)

  4. Yup. Great job. Works perfectly with good old Firefox.

  5. Wow. Now that's impressive! Very classy and so subtle. Nice job.

  6. SAJ: Do the images appear at all (at the top of the page or something), or is there just absolutely no effect to moving the mouse over the links?

  7. Works great on my computer. They hover (sp?) a little bit and move around when I move the curser. What a good idea CP!

  8. works well on my computer which is a windows XP Professional right through the advanced testing. :)

    Great idea

  9. A very impressive idea! No problem at home... but, sorry, the pictures don't come up on my MacBook (new toy!) either, using Mac OS X and Safari.

  10. Thanks for all the comments.
    I should have a fix up for the Safari problems soon.. check back in a couple days and let me know how it works then. :)

  11. worked great on ubuntu linux 6.06 with Firefox web browser. Good Job J! :)

  12. Windows XP / Opera 9.0 works.