Thursday, October 19, 2006

Please Pray for Us

It almost seems strange to suddenly have a need for additional prayer, but that's what happened today. In the last two days, Sir's work took a very unexpected twist. And it caught me, at least, by complete surprise. I've never seen my knight so stressed out, and I'm completely helpless. That is why I'm asking for help in prayer. There is One who knows the answers, One who knows why we're facing this new test, One who knows how we will pass through. So I'm asking that it might be made known to us.

Sir has asked me not to go into too much detail, but I know it will help a little to be able to pray intelligibly. So, I will try to disclose what I can at the same time abiding by my husband's wishes.
There has been one project that Sir has been working on for some time. The client seemed happy with the work up until now, and that is why we're suddenly taken aback. The main claim is this: The client wants to be refunded except for what they think the project is worth. It could end up being a staggering amount.

Depending on what the client decides... and the answers to prayer, will determine whether we will have to move... whether Sir gives up his business... or a myriad of other options. But basically, we need to know what our Lord would have us to do, and I feel that asking for prayer regarding this new trial is the best way to find this guidance.

So, please pray for us in that we would know what we are to do, for me to find a way to help my desperately overworked husband, for Sir to be able to cope with this new stress among all the other responsibilities he's in charge of, and for peace in leaving it all in the Everlasting Arms.


  1. Jehovah Jireh. He always does.

  2. The chorus of a song that has helped me get through a lot...

    God is too wise to be mistaken
    God is too good to be unkind
    So when you don't understand
    When you don't see His plan
    When you can't trace His hand...
    Trust His heart

  3. He is over all and in control. We will pray.

  4. As another of the self-employed I know only too well the stresses of having the capricious client. Trust on! Look up! Be at peace.