Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Little Things They Say

I've been collecting little phrases and comments that Dolly has come up randomly for nearly a month now. It's hard to find the ones that are still just as funny or cute when I re-tell them as they were fresh out of my little one's mouth. Hopefully I'll be able to do it again once PC is talking since it should be interesting to see what the two of them can come up with together!

One day as PC was happily chewing on some crayons, Dolly noticed and scolded him, "PC! Don't DO that! NO!" Then she must have realized she was doing my job because she looked at me standing on the other side of the room, and said as if I needed to be filled in on the latest, "PC's eating my crayons. I told him, 'Don't do that.'".

Shortly after we got the dishwasher Dolly tried to tell me something that included the word 'dishwasher'. She couldn't remember what it was called exactly, and substitued "Washdisher" instead.

When I was crying over Fluffy: "You dripping."
Later as we went outside in the rain that evening, Dolly noticed she was getting wet and said: "Wook! I'm dripping."

Upon seeing her completely plastic scissors Dolly reminded me: "Nember? I cut my wip?" Me: "Yes, I remember. That's why you don't play with scissors!" As she picked up the said plastic scissors: "Can I cut my hair?" Me: No! you can NOT cut your hair." Dolly: "Can I cut PC's hair?" Me: "No, you can NOT cut PC's hair either." Dolly: "Ok, Can I cut my ear?" Me: "Sure, but it will probably hurt." Dolly: "Can I cut PC's ear?" Me: "No, you can NOT cut PC's ear!" Finally she lost interest and went somewhere else.

As I pulled the lawnmower out of the shed Dolly inquired: "Are you going to Vacuum?" I replied, "Not exactly. It's like vacuuming, but I'm going to cut the grass."
After her nap: "'You going to vacuum the grass?"

During lunch one day: Me - "You're making a big mess!" Dolly - "No, I'm making a wittle mess."

After a picnic supper outside one evening, Dolly was helping me pick up the toys before it got completely dark and we had to go inside. She glanced up at the crescent shaped moon and announced to all within earshot, "Wook! the noom! I see the moon!" (she corrected the word the second time around). "Yes," I said, "you're right! That IS the moon." Then she looked up again and excitedly declared at the top of her lungs, "It's a BANANA moon!"

While talking on the mini handmirror Dolly's conversation went thus: "Yeah. Um hm. Ok. Just a minute. I'm gonna be right back! Hello, how are you today? Um hm. Ok. Bye"

When I was finally starting to get over a cold, but still coughing constantly, Dolly asked: "Are you sick and tired Mommy?"

As I was making supper one evening Dolly came into the kitchen and started banging on the side of the oven with the toy in her hand. Me: "Don't hit the stove, Dolly." Dolly as she moved to the dishwasher instead: "Ok. Can I hit the dishwasher?" Me- "No,." She moved to the toy wagon on the other side of the kitchen and said, "Ok. Can I hit my wagon?" Me- "Sure, you might wreck it though." Dolly- I'ne not going to wreck it." and she wandered out of the kitchen.

Dolly declared as she squished her cheddar cheese in her fist at lunch one day to mush, "It's play-dough!! I'm making a monkey, Mama!"

One evening as we got to Chasm and HisLady's house, Dolly called out as she did her job of knocking on their door, "Anybody there? Anybody in there?"


  1. My mom collected these types of stories too and we loved to hear them when we were older. SO cute!

  2. That is so cute! I'm glad you got them written down. I should do that, too. Dolly sounds like she talks really well for her age. You still can't understand half of what Mischievo says.

  3. Wow, you did a really good job on that. In a few of the photos, Dolly looks almost exactly like PC. I can't remember when she was that small!!!

    I teared up again on the dripping story. ((hugs))

  4. You have beautiful pics of the kids. I love the one of PC with the feather duster...or what is left of the feather duster.

    Treasure those little exchanges with Dolly. It's good you've written them down. We too have done that and it's halarious to go over them when the kids are older. "I said that!!!?"

    Kids "generalizations" (ie. the moon being a banana, "you dripping" and "I'm dripping") are so funny but this is actually a step in their speech and language development. All kids go through it but it's so much fun to see what "this kid" will say!

  5. Oops, I guess I thought all the photos were of Dolly, since you had dolly quotes right beside them.