Friday, April 27, 2007

Nesting. Already?

I definitely don't remember nesting as early as four and a half months into my pregnancy the last two times around, but Sir will probably beg (er.. demand) to differ.

There is no doubt though, I am nesting. As with PC, OUTSIDE is what seems so terribly important right now. I want to finish planting a garden with Dolly and that means we need to actually make a garden area. It wouldn't hurt to mow all the lawns either. Last time I mowed, it rained before I could even finish the big yard so the other three areas are teasingly tormenting me. Beside the mowing, there's the fences that could use some repairs, weed eating that really should be done, the cardboard pile to get rid of, and most importantly to me at the moment, stuff to build. I want to build a kid's picnic table for our kids... and a playhouse someday too (wishful thinking, I know.), but getting the OK on that would take longer than the construction, so I'm not pushing it too strongly.

Maybe I did nest earlier than I thought during the last two pregnancies. With Dolly, we didn't have a yard that could be re-arranged. It was tiny and half of it was gravel. I did however rearrange the house, but I didn't chalk it up to 'nesting' because I was always rearranging the house. It was a tiny little house that had one room for the kitchen, dining room and living room areas combined. How I turned the couch or positioned the dining room table would change the whole area. Every time we'd have lots of company over, the house would transform incredibly. I still don't know how we fit over 30 people in that little place so many times! I thought the 'nesting' during my pregnancy with Dolly, was at the very end where I was almost in a panic state to make sure we had someplace for her to sleep. I started out with setting up a second hand stroller as a bassinet beside our bed until my parents gave us a crib that ended up in our closet which turned out doubling as a nursery.

I might have 'nested' earlier with PC too. When we were expecting him, at four and a half months along, we were starting to look for another place to live, plan our yearly trip to California to visit my family, and pack up for a move. In the end all the major changes happened closer to 7 and 8 months along. As with Dolly, I didn't chalk up all the planning as nesting because I thought I was nesting in the two weeks before he was born. At that time it seemed terribly important to move the chunks of concrete that were beside the house out of the way since I wanted to plant a garden in the area the concrete chunks were occupying. I also strongly recognized the necessity of getting our little lean-to shed put together (it's still in pieces since I went into labour the day after I moved all the cinder blocks around to the other side of the house).

This pregnancy however, is different. Maybe it's because it's the third time around and I know what nesting is finally. I don't know, but although my main interests are organizing and setting up the yards outside, the 'nesting' isn't stopping there. If it's raining and I can't get outside, do you think the nesting instinct is going to take the day off? You're right. It's not. Instead I take one look at the inside of the house and decide I've had enough of the paper piles stacking up in various areas. Suddenly I'm up to my eyeballs in ancient receipts that have needed sorting for months (or longer), and organizing the bookshelves alphabetically or by author suddenly seems very important! Sometimes it's the carpets. They just HAVE to be vacuumed (according to Sir, sometimes three times a week)! If it's not that, it's the boxes of tools and nails and nuts and bolts that must finally be given permanent homes. I guess there's no getting out of nesting this time around! Just a note for future projects... if you're procrastinating too much, the solution is simple. Find yourself expecting your next kid and suddenly procrastinating has no place to exist!


  1. I wish I could send Superman over to build that playhouse!

  2. That was enjoyable to read. I can just see you scooping water out of your washing machine with a bucket, moving a concrete pile to a different location etc all over again with this baby. What huge back breaking (or shall we say "water breaking?") job will you be faced with this time around?