Tuesday, April 03, 2007

What's With the Weather?!

Yesterday Morning:

This Morning:

Ok, so we get snow in three seasons out of four. Or six months out of the year. Even I know this isn't normal for this area. Of course, the weather hasn't been what the experienced locals consider 'normal' almost the whole four years that I've been here, but even this is more abnormal than usual.

Yesterday morning I woke up to it raining snow. It was coming down fast and at first was mixed generously with rain, but within half an hour, there was no more rain and the snow was actually sticking! It all melted away before 3pm and the rest of the day was actually pretty nice. Even the sun peeked out for a look for a little while. Then as if yesterday was a mistake or something, the weather is almost summer like today. You don't even need a light sweater outside and it's not even noon yet!

Maybe at this rate we'll have gorgeous weather instead of the icky stuff that's currently forecasted for our conference weekend. It would be pretty crowded if the 200+ people that will be milling about our meeting room didn't have the option of going outside!


  1. You would think the pics were taken six months apart instead of one day!

  2. I'm so glad we have Mount San Jacinto...that way if we really want to make snow balls, we can go up to Idyllwild.

  3. I hope you do have a wonderful weekend with conference-- regardless of the weather! :-) I almost made it there this year. One of those things which would be technically possible but not so practical when you really stop to consider :-( Well, hopefully soon I will get to make an impractical trip to see my good friends! :-D

  4. We're having wacky weather too!! I feel your frustration.