Monday, May 14, 2007


As soon as I finished posting my last post, I presented Sir with the same question: Where would you put your flashlight if you were two years old?" He replied with:

Did you try the drawer in the coffee table? Check. Not there.
How about her purse? Nope.
What about her bible case? No.
The diaper bag? Already checked.
Daddy's bible case? (At this one I jumped up to check. She has been known to put things there.) No. Not there either.
Daddy's computer case? (This is another favorite stashing place of our daughter so I started looking.) This is what I found:


  1. I'm glad you found the flashlight and took the time to blog about it too. Very amusing to read. :)

  2. I can imagine her packing it away..."for the trip". Was that her suitcase or Sir's computer case?

  3. -flashlight
    -toy from sunday school treat
    -sippy cup lid
    -party toy
    -plastic bag
    what else do you need to pack? that pretty much covers it for me! lol.
    hope you guys are having a great vacation!

  4. She gets that from great-gramma17-8, you know. I've found her keys in the fridge, her glasses in a living room drawer, her garage door opener hooked to a laundry basket, and her found her (whistle-ing) hearing aids in a sweater pocket in her closet. It made sense at the time.

  5. That is so cute of her. She put it in a SAFE spot. She was helping you pack! :)