Monday, May 14, 2007


If you were two years old, were beyond excited about a upcoming trip, had just purchased -almost by yourself- a $2 Canadian Tire flashlight, and couldn't wait to help your mommy pack- WHERE WOULD YOU PUT YOUR NEW FLASHLIGHT????!!!!

This is what I'm trying to find the answer to amidst packing, cleaning and keeping up with my kids. "It's only a $2 flashlight" you say. Yes, this is true. BUT. We just bought a bunch of rechargeable batteries and Sir was using Dolly's new flash light to discharge some faulty ones before charging them properly before our trip, so it's not just the flashlight that's missing. Hopefully Dolly didn't turn the flashlight off before she stashed it, and the whole ordeal won't have been a total waste.

Yesterday I was doing something in the kitchen- I don't even remember what it was now- and I glimpsed out of the corner of my eye, my daughter dashing out of the kitchen with her new flashlight (on) slung over her shoulder by the strap like a purse. At the time I wasn't worried. I'd let her play with it a few times before and always found it afterwards. But by last night I still hadn't found the flashlight. And I'm running out of places to look. I've checked just about EVERY hiding place and stash-spots that Dolly has and have come up empty-handed.

It's not in the fridge.
Not in the half packed suitcases.
Not in ANY of my desk drawers.
Not in the bookshelves.
Not in the toy baskets.
Not in the nursery.
Not on my nightstand.
Not in the piano bench.
Not in the cat stand.
Not under the fish tank.
Not behind the dining room table.
Not in the many half-filled-with-toys grocery bags strewn about the kitchen.
Not in the wagon.
Not in the dishwasher.
Not in the oven.
Not in the kitchen cupboards.
Not in the pantry.
Not behind or underneath the refrigerator.
Not... Not... NOT!

I'm running out of ideas of places to look faster than you think and Dolly doesn't seem to be much help either. The worst part is, we're leaving in about 16 hours and at the rate I'm going on my search, I'll find the flashlight in some odd place three weeks from now!

Ok. That said, I can go back to my search... and maybe I'll manage to get a little more done on the packing at the same time. You can only imagine how focused I am on packing while at the same time I'm racking my brain for possible flashlight hiding places!


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