Friday, May 04, 2007

10 Months Old.

Here's PC at 10 months.

And here's Dolly at the same age.

PC didn't pass any major milestones in the past month, but he has started to 'talk'. He's discovered his voice and all the different sounds that happen when he does funny things with his mouth. Beside that though, he has his very own language of communication. I'm not sure if he's just recently come up with it, or if I just recently realized that's what he's doing. He 'talks' a lot with his hands. At first I thought he was just doing funny things, but after a while I discovered that the same signal always means the same thing. For example, "Hi" looks like a nazi salaute. And "drink" is VERY DIFFERENT from "up" (for those dumb moms out there who don't see the tiniest change). "Up" is both hands raised straight above his head. "Drink" is diffrent because although the HANDS are in the same position, his HEAD is tipped back like he's looking at the back of his hands. Then there's "come", and "can I have?" and "bye bye" that all have different hand signals as well. His only verbal words are: "Car!" and "Mama!" I think "Daddy" sounds like "DA!", but I haven't tested it enough to be sure. Thankfully, there's Dolly around most of the time, and she can translate the stuff I never see. I'm sure there must be something he's doing when she says, "PC wants a drink." and sure enough, when I give him the sippy cup he drinks like he's parched. Even if he didn't even look thirsty to begin with!

The two pictures below are zoomed out to show the difference in their walking abilities. As you can see, Dolly is standing, but the snow is helping her stay upright while she was so bundled up she could barely breathe! She had been walking for all of two weeks when I took her picture and wasn't too sure of the uneven terrain. PC, on the other hand is in transit for his photo. He'd been walking for almost 8 weeks and is confident in his abilities to get around. You can really tell the difference when you look at their overall posture and the positions of their hands/arms.


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