Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Little Things They Say (2)

Here's the next collection of the little things my kids say and do. It seems that, as Dolly and PC get older, these incidents get a little more complicated and end up taking up more space to record. So this time there's not quite as many entries, but I think they're cute enough to make up for their lack in number! We'll see what I've collected in another four months. It's neat to see how much they change and develop in such short periods.

As I walked from the hall into the kitchen, I noticed PC screaming in protest. Pausing at the playroom door, I saw Dolly vigorously rubbing PC's arm with one of her hands while holding him still with the other. "Dolly, what are you doing to him?" I asked. "I'm giving him lotion." she replied cheerfully. "Well, he doesn't seem to want you to give him lotion. You need to leave him alone for a bit." "Ok," she said cheerfully as she bounced away from PC and toward me. Thinking the problem was over I turned to leave but stopped as Dolly grabbed my hand and started smearing something wet on me. "I'm giving you lotion!" she said very pleased with herself. Wondering where she got something wet from... probably from the toilet or the fishtank I asked, "Where did you get your lotion?" "From my mouth!.... spppffftt!!!" she announce and as she said it, she refilled her hand with saliva since she 'ran out'. We had a little talk about rubbing spit on people.

One morning while Sir was getting ready for work Dolly appeared very interested in his razor and his shaving process. I got to listen in on a little of their conversation:
Sir indicating the razor: What's that called Dolly?
Dolly: A rAe-zer!
Sir: What am I doing?(then catching my eye he mouthed, 'Wow.. I didn't know she knew that... does she know 'shaving' too?' I shrugged)
Dolly: You're using it. (her tone indicated the following thought, 'You're so dumb sometimes, Daddy!')

One morning as I was getting Sir's lunch together before he left for work, Dolly wandered into the kitchen and noticed food. "I'm hun-ga-ree, Mommy!" she announced. "Yes," I said, "we're going to eat breakfast in a minute. "Then I can eat food?" she asked. "Um hm, you can eat food. In a minute." I glanced at her just in time to see her gaze fall on the butter dish. I also saw the gleam that transformed her face as she stated very earnestly, "BU-tter is foOD!"

Getting ready for a bath one night Dolly started quizzing PC, "PC, where is your tongue?" I didn't see him, but I think he probably pointed inside his mouth - it is one of the few pieces of himself that he knows by name. Then I hear Dolly say, "Good! Ok, sphit it out!" When I turned to look, PC was standing in front of her with his tongue dangling out as she instructed.

I'm still not sure what she means, but recently Dolly has been saying, "Hey Mommy! I'm glad for you!" or "You're glad for me". I think she's trying to say 'I love you', but I still have to sort it out.

One morning upon discovering the doughnuts that Sir had picked up after the rest of us were in bed, PC was so excited that he had to get Dolly's attention so they could both work on convincing me that they desperately needed a high sugar breakfast. For the most part his entire vocabulary is pretty much: "Da." Depending on how many times he repeats it... and what tone of voice he uses... and how he points or makes facial expressions, it's all he needs to say. There are a few exceptions like, Car or Gampa (same word for both grandparents) or Bite! But this particular morning he demonstrated yet another word since the doughnuts needed more than just 'da'. He ran to Dolly's room and banged on the door until she woke up and let him in. Then PC did his little pigeon dance (bobbing his head and swaying sideways in excitement) and stated over and over: "NoDuht!" It didn't take Dolly long to understand and since she's known for a larger vocabulary, 'NoDuht' was all PC had to contribute to the convincing committee, leaving Dolly to do the rest.

At the supper table one evening, Dolly and sir were discussing food origins.
Sir (holding up a piece of pork): Where does pork come from Dolly?
Dolly: Pigs!
Sir: Good! What about milk? where does milk come from?
Dolly: Cows.
Sir: Good job.
Dolly: Where does chocolate milk come from Daddy?
Sir: Well, milk comes from cows and chocolate grows on trees.
Me: And you mix it together to get chocolate milk.
(Dolly nods as it all makes sense and then pauses)
Dolly: And juice comes from sheep?
After all... it must come from something and if milk comes from cows.. then it would make perfect sense right?


  1. Too cute! You will be so glad later that you wrote all this down.

  2. I was smiling long before I got to the end! What a collection of precious memories.

  3. hahhahaha these are so cute!

  4. They are too funny! Moments like those will still have you laughing years from now. Thanks for sharing them with us!